Jill-e Designs Sasha 15″ Leather Laptop Bag is Fashionable Functionality

Shoulder bags and messenger-style bags for work have to be functional, that is for certain. But that does not mean they can’t be stylish. Jill-e Designs has been creating just such bags and carriers for men and women that blend style with modern workday functionality in the digital and mobile world and recently launched the new Sasha 15-inch laptop bag.

Jill-e Designs Sasha 15" Leather Laptop Bag is Fashionable Functionality

Jill-e Designs Sasha 15″ Leather Laptop Bag/Images by David Goodspeed

The new Sasha 15-inch Leather Laptop Bag by Jill-e Designs screams style right out of the box. There were a couple of “oohs” and “aahs” from my wife when I opened the package from the manufacturer. She was drawn to the the rich black leather finish and the brushed gold zippers and hardware, and that was before I showed her how much space there was inside for all of her daily totables; including the padded laptop compartment that will accommodate a unit up to 15 inches in size.

Jill-e Designs Sasha 15" Leather Laptop Bag is Fashionable Functionality

Adjacent to this is a padded tablet compartment and there is also a separate smartphone pocket that will fit the latest handheld devices. The Jill-e Sasha bag will also carry mobile accessories, files, folders, business cards, and work and personal items including a water bottle in its own discreet, zippered pocket. The main compartment is zippered for added security and there are other zippered pockets in the bag. The interior material is cotton twill for soft hand feel that will not mar electronic devices and four feet on the bottom of the bag offer good support when not being carried.

Jill-e Designs Sasha 15" Leather Laptop Bag is Fashionable Functionality

My wife really likes this bag as it fits almost all of the things she carries back and forth to her office on a daily basis, not to mention the compliments she receives from envious coworkers. The one item of note she mentioned that we both noticed when first inspecting the bag is the cloth shoulder strap. While supportive and comfortable she was a bit surprised at the use of the cotton material when the bag is wrapped in attractive leather. She would have like to seen designers use a matching material for the shoulder strap. Other than that she had no qualms about the bag whatsoever and the cloth strap does work just fine and is adjustable for finding the right fit.

Jill-e Designs Sasha 15" Leather Laptop Bag is Fashionable Functionality

Be it for her first job fresh out of college or just to treat herself to a nice bag in the midst of her career, the Sasha 15-inch Leather Laptop Bag from Jill-e Designs would be a great addition to any woman’s workday. The bag is priced at $189.99 MSRP and is available from Jill-e Designs on their website at www.Jill-e.com.

Jill-e Designs Sasha 15" Leather Laptop Bag is Fashionable Functionality

What is it: Jill-e Designs Sasha 15-inch Leather Laptop Bag (review sample provided by manufacturer).

What we like: Elegant styling; functional compartments.

What can be improved: The cloth shoulder strap does not really match the style and feel of the bag.

More information: www.Jill-e.com

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