The Waterfield Outback Duffel Bag Is Ready to Go

Waterfield Outback Duffel Bag

Our friends at Waterfield have been on a roll lately and have announced a slew of new products. Now they are getting into the duffel bag business with their brand new Outback Duffel Bag; available in nylon or waxed canvas, it looks fantastic. The Waterfield Outback Duffel Bag offers enough customization to meet everyone’s needs with prices starting at $219.Screenshot 2014 05 13 16 16 04

The Outback Duffel Bag comes in two sizes. The small one is great for the gym for a quick overnight and the large one is suited for a longer trip. Thoughtful about every aspect of their bag designs, the company made sure the large duffel will still fit in airline overhead bins.

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The Waterfield Outback Duffel Bag is available in either nylon…

Screenshot 2014 05 13 16 15 40

… or waxed canvas. Both are weather resistant, but the nylon will offer a lighter feel and the waxed canvas will get a unique patina as the bag ages.

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Flaps on the exterior are held in place using magnets and offer to small storage slots along the bags side. Open spaces on either end also hold a number of items for quick, on-the-go access.

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The interior of the Waterfield Outback Duffel Bag comes in two different designs. You can have a duffel that has a simple large open storage space…

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… or you can have a center divider that allows you to keep items on one side separate from the other. This is great if you want to have all of your clothes at the beginning of a trip and then keep dirty clothes separate from those that have not yet been worn.

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The Waterfield Outback Duffel Bagshoulder strap is included and removable, so you don’t have to use it but will have the option if you so desire while permanently affixed handles are short enough for you to hold the bag and not have it drag on the ground but long enough that you can use them over your shoulder if that is more comfortable.

Like everything we’ve seen from Waterfield, we expect the Outback Duffel Bag will not only look great in person but will also be beautifully built and last a long, long time. Learn more and see all the options here.


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