Introducing the Xylum Charging Dock for the Apple Watch

If you are one of the one of the lucky few who have an Apple Watch, you’ll be happy to know that there are new accessories coming out for it daily. One thing we do know however is your new smartwatch needs to be charged, and soon you’ll be able to in a sleek new way thanks to the company Bulbae.

Bulbae announced a very sleek looking charging dock called the Xylum which is a aircraft-grade aluminum charging dock designed for the Apple Watch that is not only minimalistic, but seamlessly connects with the Apple Watch charger and lets you watch your phone at full view angle while it gets juiced up. The circular stand allows for your charging cable to sit neatly, and your watch band fits snuggly inside of the insert included on the Xylum. This charging dock has the phone sitting upright so it will keep your Apple Watch free of any possible damage.



Available for pre-order today for $69.99, when it becomes available to the public later this summer, it will go on sale for $89.99 in three colors, silver, slate, or black. Get yours now from Bulbae’s website.

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