MIKOL 100% Real Marble iPhone 6 Plus Case Is a Natural Beauty

The marble iPhone cases that MIKOL produces are different from any other iPhone case on the market. I was lucky enough to be sent an iPhone 6 Plus case made with a gorgeous black marble streaked with white veining. These meticulously designed cases with a marble back offer luxurious finishing to your iDevice and are available now starting at $99.

MIKOL Marble iphone cover

MIKOL is a company out of San Francisco that produces fine marble accessories, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases, Macbook cases, iPad cases, and even marble notebooks. These are made with 100% real, natural marble. You can feel the veining and fissures on the back of the case adding to the product’s allure. MIKOL even warns that no two cases will look exactly alike because of marble’s naturally random vein patterns.

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The iPhone 6 Plus case’s design is simple really; with a soft and grippy TPU exterior shell that is perfectly molded to hug your iPhone tightly and not let go. The shell is open at the bottom to allow access to your phone’s speakers, lightning port, and headphone jack. There are openings on the sides to allow the user access to the volume buttons, mute switch, and power button. The case is thick enough to provide protection for the camera lens so that the lens does not touch the surface of whatever you’re putting your phone down on.

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The back of the case is what sets MIKOL’s cases apart from the competition, of course. The review case that I was sent uses Nero Marquina marble, which is mainly black marble with white veining. The 100% natural black marble, veined with contrasting white, maintains it’s natural fissures and texture allowing you to feel somehow connected with nature, even while using your space-age pocket-sized computer. It adds an elegance that many iPhone cases simply cannot provide.

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The marble itself is only 0.8mm thick, thinner than a stick of chewing gum, which means you can have real marble without a lot of weight. The thin marble is then reinforced so that the marble is not fragile, as you’d expect a 0.8mm sheet of marble to be. When I received my review unit, I noticed that in the very corner of my case, there was a small chip in the marble. I asked the manufacturer about this, whether it was common, and what happens if a customer receives a case with such a chip.

Chipped corner.

Chipped corner.

I was told that although the reinforced marble is very strong, the corners are the most vulnerable part and this is where chipping often happens in the manufacturing process. These chipped cases are rejected and never sent out to paying customers. If a customer receives a chipped case somehow, MIKOL will replace the case, simply and easily, as they stand behind their products.

This conversation also brought up an interesting concept; the amount of unusable marble (waste) that goes into making these gorgeous cases. Take a look at the below image of a raw slab of marble, that’s approximately 1.7 meters by 2.8 meters. You’ll see a lot of iPhone-sized areas that are all black, with no veining whatsoever. MIKOL can’t use those all black areas because the white veining is what makes the marble so beautiful and that’s what customers want to see. So between the chipped/rejected marble pieces and the all black areas of marble, there is a lot of marble that can’t be used in MIKOL’s products. The amount of wasted marble that goes into making these beautiful pieces adds to the value of those small, beautifully veined pieces that make up your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook cases.

Photo of raw marble slab before production of cases.

Photo of raw marble slab before production of cases.

My biggest complaint with this case is that it does not provide a ton of protection for my iPhone. The top and bottom of the phone is left vulnerable to scratches and there is no lip on the TPU shell to protect the screen. If you’re looking for ultimate protection, you’re likely going to look elsewhere anyway, but I wish this case met us in the middle, providing a little more protection while still maintaining its natural beauty.

5-MIKOL iPhone Case Gear Diary-004

Overall, I’m very happy with the MIKOL iPhone 6 Plus case. It adds a luxury and natural elegance to my phone that most cases can’t provide. There’s something to be said for using natural materials in everyday items like this and I applaud MIKOL for this gorgeous design. Although these cases cost a pretty penny, if you’re looking for a stunning, out of the ordinary case, and don’t drop your phone very often, you’ll be remiss if you skip MIKOL’s cases.

You can purchase the MIKOL iPhone 6  and 6 Plus cases directly from the manufacturer.
Source: The MIKOL Marble iPhone 6 Plus Case was provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like: Gorgeous natural design; Premium 100% natural marble; Snug fit; Excellent customer service

What Needs Improvement: Little drop protection; Slightly difficult to remove case from phone

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