Minus Sunblock, the Chawel Is the Only Accessory You Need to Take to the Beach

I’ve been waiting for over a month to use it because weather back home is pretty terrible, between it raining and the pools closing, to having pools be closed until Memorial Day, I was legit stoked when I was sent my Chawel towel to review.

So much so I actually went ahead and took it on my beach weekend up north with my girlfriend and her family. Fireworks, bourbon, and beach towels? Yes. Minus the beach towel portion of course.

I’ve been a supporter of Chawel since I first heard about them earlier this year. Now, the 5-in-1 changing towel was successfully funded on the popular TV show, The Dragon’s Den (if you haven’t heard of it, think of Shark Tank). The whole presence of the Chawel for me minimized the things I needed to bring on my trip. Now sure, I didn’t necessarily HAVE to bring a towel on the plane, but the packaging was so nice I figured why the hell not. But not only was this thing a towel for the beach, but it’s also a blanket, a sleeping bag, a pillow, amongst many other things. But for me, this summer I used it for two reasons that you should use it for too when you purchase it. A changing room, and a towel.


Now when I first got to the beach I just sat it in my beach chair because I figured I would use it once I jumped out of the ocean to not only dry off, but to change into another pair of shorts because.. I refused to go and have to do the one-hand towel dance ever again.


So once out of the ocean the first thing I did was use the towel function. Lets say the towel function is awesome. The material is softer than that Towel I probably would’ve had to buy from the local beach store (for $25 might I add. Premiums are a bitch). I luckily had the red version of the Chawel but it comes in a few other colors. Red to me personally stood out, so I went with that. After drying off, it was time to change out of my soaked beach shorts and put on a pair of dry clothes to get ready to head back to my girlfriends’ family’s beach home. Now sure the home was walking distance from the beach, and I could’ve air dried, but the Chawels material actually dried in about 10 minutes in the sun after me using it to get the sand and ocean water off me. Needless to say.. drying off got more than a few eyes on the beach.


The Chawel’s changing room function I like. I’m not the tallest guy but the changing room went from my neck to my ankle with ease. Now this might be a problem for kids as the Chawel only comes in one size, but I’m sure Chawel has something in the works for children. Or if you’re a parent you can put your child in the Chawel and change with ease. With me, however it worked with ease. Another added bonus to it’s 5-in-1 features was the fact when I was changing, there was a nice little pocket which housed my phone as I changed. Talk about convenience.


In the end, my girlfriends’ dad ended up kidnapping the Chawel from me to take on a trip where he will be staying in a hostel for a few days, and he’s told me that it will be his go-to device on his trip, especially the sleeping bag feature. I told him that the Chawel isn’t quite a Snuggie, but it would be interesting if they made a model that did (Chawelie?) I should copyright that, standby.

Overall, I LOVE the Chawel, so much so I’m going to have to find a way to steal the one I had back, or to purchase another. The model I had, the Sport LX is available for $34.95, and the price is certainly right. I mean, a Sleeping bag alone will cost you $40. So you’re getting a great product for an even greater value. Why not go to Chawel’s site and pick up one today?

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Sample

What I Like: The towel quickly dries and the length of the Chawel fits most adults.

What Needs Improvement: Maybe more colors to reach a bigger audience

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