Titan Is the Toughest Lightning Cable on the Market and You Need to Buy One

Tired of having you iPhone Lightning Cable fray? Are you sick of people stealing your cord when they come over because they all look alike? Well so was I. So I’m actually pretty stoked I no longer have to worry about breaking my charging cable again, and it’s all thanks to Titan.

When I received my Titan MFi-certified Lightning cable the first thing I thought was “finally, a cord I don’t have to rig in order for it to not break off in a few weeks.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hard on my cords at all. Sure I might throw them in my bag on the way to work, but I don’t have the means to spend $20 on a new cord every month because Apple, who typically makes good products still haven’t figured out a way to make cables that aren’t meant to just sit plugged into your desktop all day long.


The Titan Lightning cable is perfect, right down to the packaging. With a lifetime warranty, trust me, if this thing ends up breaking, I’ll be certain that this virtually indestructible cable, which is not only pet proof, but the reinforced steel is also flexible. So if you like to sit your phone upright when at your desk, it can do that. When I’m at work I tend to have my phone sit in a position when I get an alert I don’t have to pick it up. Versus buying a dock for it, usually it sits against my monitor, and with the Titan, I don’t have to worry about the cable bending too far to the point it might short.


Never again do I have to worry about my cord being tangled up in my bag, and when I go on trips, I know for a fact which cord is mine. Another bonus if the cable is that not only is the Lightning port end small, but it fits most of the cases on the market today, like the Urban Armor Gear pictured, or Specks and Incipio Cases. The one case that it obviously doesn’t fit is the Lifeproof, but if you have one of those, you already know, the only cable that fits that is the Apple made version, which pales in comparison to the Titan.


Overall I’ve found my favorite cable, and it not only works for wall chargers, but it syncs to my Mac as well. I’ve had similar products that weren’t steel, but “durable” cables that would charge my phone fine when plugged into an outlet, but when it came time to sync to iTunes it wouldn’t register. Rest assured, the Titan does indeed since to both of my MacBooks, as well as my office desktop.


The one meter cable is the toughest on the market and at $35 it’s not certainly not the cheapest, but having a lifetime warranty, it’s an investment worth considering. Pick up one today here.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: the cable is not only flexible and I don’t have to ever worry about it fraying.

What Needs Improvement: I would like to see a six-foot option of the cord

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