Distil Union Wally Sleeve Takes Minimalist Wallets to the Extreme

The other day we reviewed the Wally Bifold slim wallet from Distil Union. Today we are taking a look at the smaller, thinner, even more minimalistic sibling, the Distil Union Wally Sleeve. This super-thin leather wallet sleeve retails for $29.99. It is for the person who wants to take their minimalist wallet to an entirely new, and thinner level.

Distil Union Wally Sleeve Takes Minimalist Wallets to the Extreme
The Wally Sleeve is available in Ninja Black and full-grain Cowboy Brown. And while it is large enough to accommodate credit cards or business cards- it is 3.9″ tall and 2.7″ wide- it is uber-thin at just 0.15″ when empty. That thinness makes it “the perfect front-pocket wallet or card holder.”

Distil Union Wally Sleeve Takes Minimalist Wallets to the Extreme
You can think of the Wally Sleeve as half the Wally Bifold without the money clip. In other words, it is thin but can handle up to six credit cards or almost double the number of business cards. (That will, in part, depend upon the material used for your cards and each cards thickness.) It also means the Sleeve lacks the money clip of the Bifold. For me that’s a bummer and the main reason I’ll be sticking with the larger sibling.

Distil Union Wally Sleeve Takes Minimalist Wallets to the Extreme
From Distil Union:

Wally Sleeve is the perfect front-pocket slim wallet for the true minimalist, carrying up to 6 credit cards. Wally Sleeve is also a convenient business card holder. We’ve selected a fine leather that’s soft yet durable, so Wally will age gracefully over time, conforming to whatever you carry most.

What distinguishes Wally from the sea of minimal wallets is easy, discreet access: Use the pull-tab to sneakily “eject” your cards, then push your cards back into the pocket to retract the ribbon. With Wally Sleeve, form truly follows function.

I love the leather Distil Union used for the Wally Sleeve and I love the fact that, like the Bifold, the Sleeve has a pull tab that lets you eject your cards with ease. And while I don’t see myself using it as my wallet I do see keeping it around as a business card holder. The ten cards it holds are just enough for most events other than CES and the thin design and good looks make it easy to carry and impressive to use when getting a card to someone. Learn more and order your here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Wally Sleeve

What I Like: Thin; Well made; Beautiful leather; Pull tab for easy access

What Needs Improvement: No money clip; Truly for the wallet minimalist extraordinaire

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