The Ridge Wallet Makes Carrying Your Cards Safe And Light!

A good wallet is hard to find, and essential to my everyday carry, separate in its own pocket from my cell phone. But one thing I’ve always struggled with is finding a decent wallet that isn’t just your traditional black or brown, and doesn’t leave a lump in my pocket. And my problems may have been solved with the Ridge Wallet 2.0.


I had the opportunity to review the Ridge Wallet, which is a minimalistic wallet that simply does exactly what the company said it would when they originally launched a Kickstarter back in 2013. After raising over $250,000 on their first campaign in 2013, and another $125,000 for the Ridge 2.0 back in 2014, it went into production and the outcome was this beauty.

The Ridge Wallet Makes Carrying Your Cards Safe And Light!

The Ridge Wallet easily fits in the front pocket, as well as the back, but I prefer it in my front right pocket. I received the aluminum body version which certainly is a welcomed change from the boring ways of the leather wallet I used previously. The design of the Ridge Wallet is pretty simple. Available in two versions to hold your cards, as well as cash, there’s a version with a standard money clip which is pretty nifty if you like that style. The style that I chose was the cash strap, which is an elastic strap that wraps around the entirety of the Ridge Wallet. This is very handy for me, as I use public transportation and always have a few bucks on me, but we will get to that later.

The Ridge Wallet Makes Carrying Your Cards Safe And Light!

Interestingly, the Ridge Wallet fits up to 15 cards which doesn’t add any significant bulk at all. As of right now I have about ten cards of different sizes, including three credit cards, debit card, insurance card, and my ID. I did notice though, business cards are a no fly zone for this wallet, so if you intend on using business cards, probably your best solution would be to get the money clip version over the strap, and just stick the cards there, as the elastic would bend any paper material.

The Ridge Wallet Makes Carrying Your Cards Safe And Light!

Another thing about the Ridge Wallet you might find nifty is the fact that it does block out any RFID transmissions, so you won’t ever worry about bumping into someone who can steal your information on all of your important cards. As with most RFID-blocking cards, they have an issue with “tap” cards as I call them. As a user of public transportation, I have a card that I tap onto a flat surface to get into and out of a station. Also, I use a HUD card to get in and out of my office building. I’ve had to result to putting those two cards into the elastic strap so they will be able to work without having to stand to the side and physically pull out the card to use it. So I can surely say the RFID feature does work as promised.

The Ridge Wallet Makes Carrying Your Cards Safe And Light!

Overall, the Ridge Wallet is a great change from a standard wallet, and way lighter as well. Accessing your cards is simple once you’ve figured out how to slide cards in and out. I have a format of how I set up my cards, with the more frequently used in the front (ID, debit), and credit cards to the back. I also noticed a trick that makes the card a little thinner when you have more than 6-7 cards. With those cards with the embossed numbers, I found if you lay the numbers of each card in opposite directions when you insert them you get a better overall flatness of the wallet. The more cards you have in the wallet, the less you might have a chance of losing it due to it’s size, although sometimes I have found myself searching for it in my pocket but it was too far down. This is certainly a wallet for the minimalist, or someone who honestly needs a change from that bulky worn leather.


You can purchase yourself a Ridge Wallet today from their website starting at $65.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: Minimalism; No additional bulk with all of my cards.

What Needs Improvement: I enjoy the RIFD, but there should be a version for those of us who use our wallets to check in places, ala, public transportation or work.

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