Moshi Muse 12 for the 2015 MacBook

The folks at Moshi recently provided Gear Diary with a number of products for the new MacBook. Among them was a protective sleeve called the Moshi Muse 12.


I really like this sleeve. It’s well designed and attractive. The outside is made of a vinyl type material that should be very easy to clean. The inside pockets are made of a microfiber that should go a long way to protect the MacBook from scratches.

There is a larger inside pocket for the MacBook and a slightly smaller outside pocket that can be used to hold cables, etc., although I don’t think I’d put anything too large or sharp in it.

The Muse 12 also has an outer flap and edge that will help keep the MacBook from accidentally sliding out of the sleeve. It’s made in a color, the same as the inside of the sleeve, that is contrasting to the color of the outside of the sleeve. They also avoided snaps or Velcro tabs, instead relying on the flap, which deliberately doesn’t flap all the way back, to keep the MacBook in the sleeve.

Because the MacBook is still pretty new, accessories are just starting to make their appearance and I was having difficulty finding a sleeve I liked. Before the Moshi I was using a Surface Pro 3 sleeve which was a little too big for the MacBook, so I was happy to try the Muse 12 and I have to say again that I really like this sleeve and I highly recommend it.

I do think that a little more padding between the pockets would make me more likely to be want to us the outer pocket as well as the inner, but that is a minor thing and I really like the sleeve overall.

The Moshi Muse 12 is available from the manufacturer’s website or from Amazon for $44.95.

What I Like: Attractive design, excellent fit.
What Needs Improvement: Slightly thicker padding between the outer pocket and the MacBook pocket.

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