Wait … Apple TV Is More Popular Than Roku?

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Wait ... Apple TV Is More Popular Than Roku? Listen to this article

Wait ... Apple TV Is More Popular Than Roku?

There is always loads of data to mine in corporate earnings announcements, and yesterday’s Apple announcement is no different. Dan covered the highlights including iPhones, Macs, iPads and iPods … but I noticed a mention at GigaOM about AppleTV sales.

Apparently AppleTV sold 1.4 million units during the last quarter. I really didn’t think too much about that because I am constantly reading about how more and more game consoles are serving as full-service home entertainment systems since they can run Netflix, Hulu and more.

I also just assumed that Roku and other ‘set top boxes’ were dominating much like Kindle and Nook ebooks dominate Apple’s iBooks. I assumed that because while you can get your iTunes stuff on it and Netflix, you can’t use Hulu or Amazon video or a bunch of other services available on other devices. Also, I know a bunch of people with a Roku, and almost no one (in fact, outside of Gear Diary no one at all) using an Apple TV.

Turns out I was VERY wrong. The 1.4 million Apple TV’s sold last quarter are more than HALF the TOTAL Roku sales, which were recently reported as being 2.5 million devices TOTAL LIFETIME in the last three years. And Roku is the #2 product in the category.

Apple has reportedly sold more than 4.2 million devices in just a year and a half, making it the clear leader in this area. Now the reports that Apple was dragging its feet on approving Hulu+ for Apple TV make more sense!

Do you have an Apple TV or a Roku or another box? What do you like or dislike?

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