Moshi iVisor for 2015 MacBook

The folks at Moshi recently provided Gear Diary their iVisor for MacBook, a clear (matte) anti-glare screen protector for the new 12” MacBook.


Moshi gives a 100% guarantee that the screen protector will install bubble free and I have to say that it installed flawlessly for me. Once it was on, I hardly noticed it was there, except for the fact that the screen now had a matte look rather than the normal glossy look.

The fit was clean and simple and can easily be removed and re-applied as needed. Moshi recommends you retain the backing sheet in case you need to store the iVisor. I removed and applied this a few times and it never developed bubbles. Be careful you don’t crease when installing or removing it because creases will prevent it from installing correctly.


The iVisor is described by Moshi as a screen protector, and it does that well, although I never really had a laptop screen that I felt needed protection. That said, it’s also one of the clearest anti-glare overlays I’ve ever seen, even though I think any overlay that takes the screen from gloss to matte is going to cause the display to seem a bit less vivid. Despite that, the screen remains very clear after the iVisor is installed.

The iVisor really does a great job of cutting down the screen glare and reflection and gives a clear view of the screen without distortion, but again, a little bit less vivid (as I would expect from any similar product). Personally, I do prefer gloss screens to matte so although the Moshi iVisor isn’t necessarily a good fit for me, it really does a great job if you’re looking for a way to turn the MacBook screen into an anti-glare screen and, if you were disappointed that Apple didn’t offer a matte screen option, this would be a great choice for you!

The Moshi iVisor AG for Macbook is available from the manufacturer’s website or from Amazon for $34.95.

What I Like: Excellent fit and clear view when installed.
What Needs Improvement: Nothing!

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