ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack


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As an avid owner and user of firearms and father of two young sons, safety is always on my mind. Whether it is protecting my family from intruders or keeping weapons out of the hands of my children, the safety of my firearms is important. The ProtectorXT ($359) is a biometric, quick open gun rack with both issues in mind. 

Let me start off this review by stating that there are absolutely no firearms in my house accessible without getting into a safe. Both of my sons are trained to respect and properly use weapons, with the oldest already hunting doves, turkey and deer. We take the issue extremely seriously. With my weapons all being locked away, it could be difficult to quickly access one to defend my home if the situation ever arose. The ProtectorXT is a product that solves the quick access problem while keeping the firearm locked safely in place.

The ProtectorXT is a biometric-secured gun rack that allows for long guns to be stored for quick access, while preventing children and intruders from being able to use the weapons. The fingerprint technology allows for the rack to be opened within 2 seconds and can be mounted on any wall. It is made in the USA and made of polycarbonate, which is used for bulletproof limos and jet windshields. It would be difficult to get inside of the rack without being granted access.

ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack

The product comes with an external battery pack, four AA batteries, three mounting screws with washers and a user’s manual. There are optional shelves available to customize storage configurations. I have a wall with access to studs due to a remodel project, so I will walk through mounting the ProtectorXT there. We have decided not to show photos of where it is installed in our house for privacy and safety reasons; there’s no need to broadcast to the internet where weapons are being stored.

The first step is to find a stud to install the screws. The rack needs to be attached to a wall stud using the #10 screws and the supplied washers. Once a stud is found, have an assistant help hold the rack in place, and use a pencil to mark the top hole. It is best to install the unit with the fingerprint reader at a convenient height, accessible in the dark or light hours. I was able to install the rack alone, but a second pair of hands could make the job much quicker. Drill a pilot hole on the pencil mark.

ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack

Once the pilot hole is drilled, align the top mounting hole and use the provided screw and washer to tightly attach the rack to the wall. After the first screw is installed, use a level to make sure the unit is vertical and drill the other two pilot holes and insert screws. The ProtectorXT is now secured to the wall. It is actually quite simple to install!

ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack

Once the rack was installed, I worked with the configurations to fit my needs. There is a list of firearms on the ProtectorXT website that have been tested to fit in the rack, so you should check those out or contact the company to make sure it can work for your needs. I was not able to use my standard length Mossberg 12 gauge, but our youth version of the same model in 20 gauge works perfectly.

ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack

The shelving and options will depend on your firearm, but this shotgun fits just fine slightly sticking out of the top. Since it is a 20 gauge, extra shells do not fit in the holders, but I can fit my pistol on the shelf.

ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack

Now that the ProtectorXT is installed safely on the wall and the firearm is ready to be protected, it is time to configure the lock. The unit comes with a provided numerical combination. To customize the combo, hold the 1 key for three seconds until the green LED lights. Input the old code, then press Start to confirm. Enter the new code (up to 8 digits) and press the Start button to confirm. Enter the new code again followed by the Start button. One long beep signals the code is correct.

ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack

The great feature of the ProtectorXT is the biometric fingerprint reader for quick and easy access. To add fingerprints, open the door and press the white Reset button once and release. There will be two short beeps and a red light will activate on the fingerprint pad. Hold your finger firmly on the sensor and listen for two short beeps and a long beep. To add more fingers or other people’s fingerprints, repeat these steps.

ProtectorXT Review: A Biometric Quick Access Gun Rack

To unlock the rack, press the start button and place the finger on the reader and it will unlock in about two seconds. You can also type in the numerical code then press Start to unlock. Simple to use and opens quickly for emergencies.

I see the ProtectorXT as a great and unique product. I already own a gun safe, but it is not super handy and takes a lot more than two seconds to open. Having kids means I cannot keep a pistol on my night stand or a shotgun in the corner or under my bed. This product allows me to have a home defense weapon quickly available while controlling who can have access. Hopefully I will never need the quick access, but my family’s safety is too important to me to take a chance. This is not a gun safe, but a companion to a gun safe. High quality materials and a great design make the $359 Protector XT a must have for any firearm owner who needs to limit access to their home defense weapons.

Source: The ProtectorXT was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: High quality product that allows quick access to my home defense weapon

What Needs Improvement: I really wanted a better way to also store a pistol in the ProtectorXT

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