Set Yourself Apart from Everyone Else with Johnny Fly’s Wooden Smartphone Case

Available for the iPhone 5/5s and the iPhone 6/6+, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 5 & 6, the Abstract Wooden Case by Johnny Fly is one of best looking wooden cases that I’ve seen in a very long time. Made of 100% natural wooden material, when I first put the Abstract onto my iPhone 6+, it felt perfect.

The Abstract itself is essentially a bumper case for your device, that is not only light-weight and durable, but it’s just beautiful. The Johnny Fly’s logo on the bottom left of the case adds a bit of flair to the overall appeal of the case. I received the cherry wood version of the Abstract, and it’s beautiful.

Set Yourself Apart from Everyone Else with Johnny Fly's Wooden Smartphone Case

Founded in 2011, it’s only been a few years, but Johnny Fly, Co. is well-known for their wooden based products. From iPhone cases to wooden tie clips (yes, tie clips), these guys have been a certain love for tree bark! The first wooden tie I ever saw was at a wedding last year for my girlfriend’s college friend. All of the groomsmen by chance wore wooden ties, which shocked me. It’s not something I would do, but when I saw that Johnny Fly made tie clips, I thought they were pretty interesting. But little did I know that they made cases! When I first opened the boxing that I received from Johnny Fly, the first thing I noticed is the smell of the wood. They included a nice business card that was custom-made with Johnny’s contact information which was very cool, and I must say, is the most original business card I’ve ever seen.

Set Yourself Apart from Everyone Else with Johnny Fly's Wooden Smartphone Case

The wooden phone cases come in different variants. There’s a B-Side Cassette wooden case for your phone, as well as camo print, dream catcher, hashtag, and other various cases with random engravings to them. The Abstract I received was the simplest of the cases with just a two-toned wood engraving type of vibe, which suits my fancy. I spoke to Johnny personally and he let me know that they do a lot of in-house laser work which shows in their attention to detail, especially in cases like the parrot engraved bamboo case.

Set Yourself Apart from Everyone Else with Johnny Fly's Wooden Smartphone Case

Each of the Johnny Fly co, cases all cover the sides of your phone, leaving the bottom completely exposed so your third-party docks, and cables will all work. If you’re looking for something “drop-proof”, this may not be the case that you’re looking for. Even though there’s protection for the edges, the exposed ends will leave room for scuffs, but if you take case off of your phone like I do, you’ll be fine. The case itself though does feature wide button access, so if you have fat fingers, you’ll be happy to know you won’t struggle attempting to mute your phone or change the volume.

Set Yourself Apart from Everyone Else with Johnny Fly's Wooden Smartphone Case

I haven’t had any opportunity to try out Johnny Fly’s other products, but this case alone to me is perfect. I enjoy the fact that it’s simple, yet elegant, and makes my phone stand out in a room full of traditional black and white cases. At $37, these cases aren’t the cheapest on the market, but with everything being hand-crafted in their own factories, it’s safe to say the product is worth the price. You can get yourself one today here.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Unit

What I like: Wood is bendable and will not crack

What Needs Improvement: Possibly a model that covers the 6+ in its entirety

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