Synology’s 3 Tips to Cut SAN Costs with the RC18015xs+ Scaling over 1PB

Synology has issued a press release offering small and medium-sized enterprises three tips on how to cut their Storage Area Network (SAN) costs by using Synology’s RC18015xs+, a high availability cluster solution that scales to 1 petabyte of storage and handles to 2,000 users. The complete system, including two redundant controllers and a storage device with 96TB starts under $12,000.

Synology's 3 Tips to Cut SAN Costs with the RC18015xs+ Scaling over 1PB

The RC18015xs+ is a rack-mounted controller that has two redundant power supplies, as well as four redundant LAN ports to ensure that if a part fails, you’ll stay online long enough to have the hardware issue repaired. The system requires two RC18015xs+ controllers and at least one RXD1215sas storage expansion unit to operate and ensure high availability and supreme reliability.

Here’s a quick preview of Synology’s 3 tips to cut SAN costs with their high-availability cluster storage system:

  1. Back up SAN for a Fraction of the Cost – It’s possible for small to medium-sized enterprises to spend up to $50,000 on their SAN and backups. You keep your SAN and backups in the same redundant and secure system with Synology’s solution starting at only $12,000.
  2. Save on Virtual Storage and Still Get Enterprise Features  – Synology’s RC18015xs+ is a cost-effective solution that is VMware certified, which offers many virtual storage solutions.
  3. Get Cost-Effective Storage for Specialized Industries and Individual Departments – In order to stay competitive, small to medium-sized businesses need to keep costs down. An easy way to do that is with Synology’s RC18015xs+ storage system as it can scale as your business’s needs grow.

This system also reduces the cost of storage drives by about 50% because of it’s innovative design. Typically, redundant storage systems require two volumes: one for storage and another for redundancy. Because the redundancy is built into Synology’s controllers and not the disks, you only need to buy one set of disks instead of two.

To read more on this great storage solution, check out the entire press release at Synology’s website.

Stay tuned to Gear Diary for more Synology coverage, as we’ll be bringing you a full review of their DS1515 5 bay Network Attached Storage system!

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