Distil Union Wally Bifold Is the Perfect Size for a Daily Carry

We reviewed the Micro Wallet from Distil Union. I followed up with a review of the Wally Agent. Now we turn our focus to a revised version of the Wally Bifold. I reviewed the original Wally Bifold; I stopped using it for a specific reason and, in the updated version, that issue has been resolved. I love it!

The Wally Bifold is normally $59.99, but it is currently on sale for $50.99. Even at the higher price, I think it is worth it; here’s why.

The Wally Bifold is, “The slim, front pocket-friendly billfold wallet.” It has both a functional wallet and a money clip built into a small carry-able that lets you travel light and stay organized.

It has both a functional wallet and a money clip built into a small carry-able that lets you travel light and stay organized. It has room for twelve cards and thirty or more bills. That’s impressive considering its small size.

Distil Union has this to say about it:

Lighten your everyday load with the Wally bifold wallet. We’ve distilled the leather bifold wallet to its essentials – eliminating excess materials and creating a profile so slim, Wally fits comfortably in your front pocket. Carry as much as a traditional billfold in a wallet half the size, and without compromise.

Measuring 2.9” tall by 4.2” wide by 0.3” thin, the Wally Bifold is designed for U.S. Currency and cash from other countries that measures up to 2.6” high.

Leather that only gets better: Handsome full-grain leather softens and conforms to your contents, over time developing that “this was my Dad’s wallet” feel and patina unique to only you. Hand-rolled edges lend a refined look and long-lasting durability.

The wallet is crafted from gorgeous leather that becomes softer and looks better as it wears in. As with all of the products I have reviewed from Distil Union, the craftsmanship is second to none. Seams are clean and straight, and the wallet looks like a quality product both inside and out.

Ready for your big lottery win!: Removing your bills from the metal money-clip is easy, and you can adjust the tension to secure a thick (or thin) stack simply by rotating the spring-loaded clip. Never carry cash?

The wallet looks like one piece of leather that is folded over itself. At the center of the interior, the point where it folds over is a metal clip. It lifts up to create an open area into which you can place cash. Lowering the metal clip into place closes it on the cash with just enough tension to keep your money safe and secure.

And, if you don’t need a money clip, you can unscrew the clip and remove it. This gives you an even slimmer wallet.

There are pockets at both ends of the leather that are perfectly sized for credit cards, a license, and other similarly sized cards.

Our signature move: Like a pop-up book for us grown-ups, Wally Pull-Tab lifts your cards for easy access. We use grosgrain ribbon for its durability and surprisingly satisfying zzzzzip when you pull it.

Pull tabs push the cards up and out of the wallet for easy access. The company refers to these as Wally Pull-Tabs. I simply call them awesome. I Love this feature as it ensures that cards are hidden away but easy to access. And, if you want to apply some “wallet strategery” you will keep your most frequently used cards on the outside of each pocket for even easier access.

At-a-glance organization: Bifold’s two sides have different colored ribbons so you know at a glance which pocket to pull from. Wally Pull-Tab™ is grosgrain ribbon, selected for its durability and uniquely satisfying tactile feedback.

In another bit of design brilliance, Distilled Union put different colored ribbons on each side. That means you don’t have to guess which side has the card you need. For example, I keep my credit cards in one pocket and all my other cards in the other. That way I know which types of cards can be accessed with which Wally Pull-Tab.

Made to stay in motion: Wally is fully NFC compatible, so you can breeze through turnstyles, tap-to-pay and keyless entries without removing cards.

The leather protects your cards, but it is also thin enough to allow the wallet to remain NFC-compatible. That means, on many occasions, you don’t even need to remove your cards to use them. It also, hover means your cards remain susceptible to criminals with card scanner. (You have been warned.)

This, however, brings me to the issue that developed with the original version I reviewed. It is, thankfully, an issue that has been resolved thanks to some ingenious industrial design changes. The issue was this: once I had been using the original Wally Bifold for a time and, of course, overstuffing the pockets with one or two too many cards, the pocket became a bit loose. More than once my cards slipped out when I had thrown the wallet in my briefcase.

The solution is the company’s patent-pending Flex-Lock technology. The pockets now have a bit of spring that allows them to clamp down on the cards just enough to hold them in place. Putting a bit of pressure on both sides of the pocket forces the spring open and allows you to grab the cards. Of course, thanks to the Wally-Pull Tabs you don’t need to reach in and grab your cards but that’s the point, the FlexLock keeps the cards in place until you need them.


  • Cards stay securely inside the patent-pending FlexLock pockets – Watch it pass our shake test!
  • Access cards with Wally Pull-Tab – push cards in to retract the tab
  • No matter how much or little you carry, your four most frequently used cards are always right at your fingertips
  • Lift and turn the interior money-clip for adjustable tension
  • Rich full-grain leather, skilled craftsmanship, and 1-year warranty

The thinking behind this wallet is carpeted by Distil Union when they write:

You deserve to carry something slim: Carry a slimmer wallet for relief from back pain caused by fat Costanza wallets (it’s true). Wally’s even slim enough for your front pocket – better for your back and your back pocket, for a smoother silhouette and less wear and tear on your clothing.

That same approach applies across their product line. The Micro, however, may be too minimalist for some. The Wally Agent may be a bit to big for others. The Wally Bifold sits between the two from both a size and capacity perspective. That, to my mind, makes it “just right.” That, in fact, is the reason it is not the wallet I carry day in and day out. It is a perfect size and is ideal for a number of cards and cash I need to carry. Plus, it helps prevent “wallet creep.”  Check out the Wally Bifold and all the other great products from Distil Union here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Made from gorgeous leather and thoughtfully and well crafted; Wally Pull-Tabs and Flex-Lock are brilliant; Money clip built-in but also removable; Sized “just right”; Color-coded Wally Pull-Tabs add to the organizational convenience

What Needs Improvement: Because it is “NFC compatible” it is not “Sleazy Crook secure”

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