Speck Candyshell Clear iPhone 6S Cases Offer Clearly Better Protection

My new iPhone 6S is amazing. It has the same great design as the previous generation but speed, 3D touch and an improved camera. All that adds up to a powerful smartphone. I wanted to protect my investment but didn’t want to hide the sleek design and good looks. That’s where the Speck Candyshell Clear iPhone 6S Case comes in.


This case builds on the great design of the CandyShell line. It offers the same amazing protection but, in this case, lets the iPhone’s design make the statement. No, it won’t fancy up your iPhone the way the other cases in the line do but that’s the point. The Speck Candyshell Clear iPhone 6S Case protects without hiding.


From Speck:

Our patented CandyShell is the best of both worlds: an iPhone 6 case that looks as good as it protects. Its patented dual-layer construction absorbs shock to provide military-grade protection, yet it’s slim enough to slide in and out of pockets with ease. So for sleek style and military-grade protection in one durable iPhone 6 case, get CandyShell from Speck. Backed by a one-year warranty.

The case looks like a simple, clear case but has some impressive features built into it. These include:

  • Two layers of next-generation clear material that resists yellowing.
  • Military-grade drop protection. Certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards.
  • Patented one-piece, multi-layer design. Patented design provides two layers of protection. Exterior polycarbonate layer disperses impact while interior TPE layer absorbs shock.
  • Patented raised bezel screen protection. Bezel rises above screen to guard glass from direct drops onto phone face and prevents screen from scratching when laying flat.
  • Precision-engineered slim fit. CandyShell Clear protects iPhone 6 without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Perimeter port and camera protection. TPE liner protects ports from drops without compromising sound or photo quality.
  • Lab-tested durability. Durability testing against extreme temperatures, cracks, and abrasions.
  • Responsive button protection. Rubberized covers shield volume and power buttons while keeping them fully accessible.

The buttons are covered but work flawlessly still. The bottom is protected but all the ports are fully accessible. I do like the fact that the three areas are each individually separated. This adds a bit of extra protection. I also love the full, lay-on-the-table protection the case provides. It comes up beyond the screen enough to protect without getting in the way.

The case is a bit slippery but if, for example, it does slip out of you hand, the case should keep the phone safe. Still, you’ll want to hold on tightly and not take the chance.


I like knowing the new phone is well-protected. After all, I bought it off-contract so it is a hefty investment. As the same time, I like the fact that I can still see the silver color of the phone, the Apple logo and the “S” that indicates this is the mid-model upgrade with all the internal improvements that need to be experienced to appreciate. Add in the fact that it comes at a nice price and you have a case worthy of your new iPhone 6s or 6S Plus. It also works with the first generation of iPhone 6 phones. For just $34.95 you can order yours here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Speck Candyshell Clear iPhone 6S Case

What I Like: Clear; Won’t yellow; Offers superb, tested protection

What Needs Improvement: A bit smooth in the hand so you will want to hold on tightly

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