Native Union Wants to Anchor Your Apple Watch to Your Nightstand

There are dozens of Apple Watch docks out there on the market, but if you spend $399 for an Apple Watch, you might want it resting on something that looks just as fancy. Luckily Native Union is known for bringing out the best in your favorite smartphones & watches with their accessories.

Available today, Native Union launches their Anchor Dock, which is a minimalistic approach on a dock (or charging pad rather) for your Apple Watch.


The dock itself has the type of elegance you’d expect from the award-winning design company, constructed from two components without use of any screws. Created from weighted zinc allow with a non-slip silicon base, your Apple Watch isn’t sitting upright like most docks, which limits the chances your watch will drop when you reach over for it in the morning, or worse, crack when you fall out of bed … because that happens as well.


“ANCHOR’s minimal footprint and paired back design will appeal to Apple Watch users who want a simple, stylish and effective way of charging their watch and keeping their magnetic cable in place.”

How will the magnetic cable work with the Anchor? It will securely fit between the two components, and once fully secure in the Anchor itself, the back of your Apple Watch will magnetically connect onto it.


Your Apple Watch already makes a statement on your wrist, so why not make one for your desk or nightstand when it needs to recharge? Compatible with all three Apple Watch models (for Apple Watch Milanese or classic buckle straps, the straps need to be unclipped prior to connecting to the Anchor) and available in Silicone, the Anchor will set you back $29.99. Head over to Native Union’s site today to grab yourself one.

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