The Brinell Stick Single Action Wood USB 3.0 Flash Drive: Fast and Beautiful

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Sure, you could put your files on any old thumb drive, but maybe you’d like something a little bit nicer, a little bit faster, and a little bit smaller. The brinell Stick Single Action USB 3.0 flash drive fits that bill — plus it’s got a lovely design.

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The brinell stick comes in a solid black presentation box that contains the drive, a jewelry polishing cloth, a leather carrying pouch and a users guide.

There are four versions available, carbon fiber, leather, crystal, and the Makassar ebony wood I was sent. Each is available in 64GB or 240GB.

brinell Stick

The brinell Stick is tiny, yet it has a substantial feel to it. Measuring just 2.2″ long by .87″ wide x 0.31″ thick; it weighs 0.085 ounces.

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Composed of a metal frame that has been wrapped with striped ebony wood, the brinell Stick looks like it could be a piece of jewelry, were a loop attached.

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The USB plug is exposed by pressing the button on the side of the drive; once exposed it locks into place until you press the button again and push the USB plug back into the metal body.

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Good looks aside, the thing that really matters in a flash drive is how it performs. The brinell Stick uses SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to achieve data transfer rates of up to 220 MB/s when reading and 140 MB/s when writing. According to brinell, “it works economically as its low electricity consumption conserves the battery life of notebooks and Ultrabooks.”

To check those speed claims, I used the Mac app Black Magic Disk Speed Test set to the 5GB stress test; these were the results, and they are in line with the estimates.

brinell stick speed est

The brinell Stick is a beautiful piece of art that happens to also be a functional memory device. It is pricier than most similarly sized drives … but! If you need to keep a thumb drive handy for work, school, or personal reasons, and you prefer peripherals that deliver a little something extra, then this is your drive.

The brinell Stick Single Action Wood USB 3.0 Flash Drive comes in 64GB and 240GB capacities, with prices starting at $113.30; it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Beautiful wood wrapped metal drive; Feels substantial, yet it is small and light; fast read and write speeds

What Needs Improvement: Expensive

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