The Monster Limited Edition 24K Rose Gold Over-Ear DJ Headphones Review

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I never thought I’d be recommending a pair of rose gold-colored headphones, but here’s the deal: while the Monster Limited Edition 24K Rose Gold Over-Ear DJ Headphones may look like a Mardi Gras parade gone off the rails, they sound pretty darn good. Introverts and people who tend to avoid attention need read no further, obviously.

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Duuuuude … that’s shiny!

Oh, you’re still here? Good!

Included in the package are the shiny rose gold headphones, a microfiber cloth (for cleaning off the inevitable fingerprints), a carrying pouch, a coiled rubber 3.5mm stereo cable, a rubber 3.5mm stereo cable with phone controls, a full size 6.3mm stereo jack (you plug the 3.5mm into it), and a manual with warranty information. Some might be disappointed that there’s not a more protective case included, but since these aren’t what I would consider travel headphones, I’m not docking any points for that.

So let’s get some of the headphone’s basics out of the way. These 24K Monsters are not made of gold (duh), they are lightweight, flexible plastic that has been covered in a rose gold paint. I haven’t had them long enough to say if the gold paint will ever flake off, but so far they seem to be resisting scratches quite well. I suspect that light flaking or peeling of the gold paint may be an issue after using them for several years, but I can live with that. I should point out that they are absolutely fingerprint magnets; you will be putting the microfiber cloth to use if that bothers you. There is soft pleather covering the padding on the headband and ear pads.

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Oh look – fingerprints! 😉

As these aren’t noise cancelling — beyond the slight muffling you get when wearing over-ear headphones) — and they aren’t amplified, there are no switches or LEDs on the headphones. You can adjust each side to fit your head; the headband will extend to an extra 1.25″ on each side.

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If you like to wear your headphones around your neck when you aren’t listening, you’ll appreciate the way the ear cups swivel up; it makes them follow your collarbone much better, rather than sticking out.

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I mentioned that these headphones are light, which they are, but they are also comfortable. The over-ear cups are large enough to just swallow my ears; the padding makes a nice seal. These headphones are comfortable enough to wear all day; I don’t find that they start to feel too heavy the longer I wear them, and they don’t pinch.

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The cable plugs into the 3.5mm jack on bottom of the left ear cup; it would be nice if you could plug into either, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

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Monster mentions that these headphones will sound incredible out of the box (and they do), but they also mention that you should break them in. At some point between using them for 8 – 20 hours, you will notice that they “mellow” out just a bit. It’s true!

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As mentioned the rubbery cable includes a button which allows you to answer and hang up on phone calls directly from and to your music; there is a built-in mic so that you can speak to your caller.

1-Monster Limited Edition 24K Rose Gold Over-Ear DJ Headphones

Of course, the most important question is how the Monster Limited Edition 24K Rose Gold Over-Ear DJ Headphones sound, and in case you haven’t gathered, I’m quite happy with them.The fact that they aren’t amplified doesn’t slow them down at all — they are plenty loud — and the added benefit is that there is no need to charge them or replace batteries. Music sounds multidimensional; the bass is strong but it isn’t overly thumpy (unless you equalize your player to sound that way), mids are very clear (not muddy at all!), and highs are clear and not tinny. The overall sound they produce is deep, full, and lovely; I’ve got no complaints with these headphones, they really do sound great!

Want another take on these? Read Dan’s review of the original Gold version from last year.

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Granted, these headphones are on the pricier side of the spectrum; that’s going to give people pause before they order. Even so, if you want a pair of headphones that stand out in the crowd, that sound fantastic, and that sound good whether you are listening from your phone, computer, or stereo, these fit the bill!

The Monster Limited Edition 24K Rose Gold Over-Ear DJ Headphones retail for $299.95, and they are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Distinctive and flashy appearance; includes two audio cables, a microfiber cloth for fingerprints, and a cloth storage bag; as expected for the price, they sound excellent

What Needs Improvement: Gold paint may flake or chip over time (I’m guessing after several years); the shiny gold surface is a fingerprint magnet

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