Blue’s New Lola Headphones: 50mm of Sealed Over-Ear Bliss

Blue, a company that has impressed us with their excellent headphones and microphones in the past, has just dropped Lola, their newest high-fidelity headphone.

Blue Lola Headphones 1

Blue is calling Lola the headphone “with nothing to hide” because it reveals “detail in your music you never knew was there – detail hidden from you by some of the biggest headphone brands around.”

Blue Lola 2

Lola has a lighter, slim-fit headband than their (amazing) Mo-Fi headphones, and the “sealed over-ear design and massive custom 50mm drivers provide extremely accurate sound reproduction, while the precision acoustic cabinets present an impeccable sound stage. ”

With Lola, we are excited to bring a new level of sound quality to the headphone market. Popular mass-marketed headphones don’t live up to their hype, robbing listeners of the emotional impact that can come from listening to their favorite music. For those who won’t settle for the overhyped, we’ve created Lola – John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones.

Blue Lola 3

Lola has the same custom 50mm drivers and style as the Mo-Fi headphones, and it is supposed to lighter and even better fitting than the Mo-Fi headphones, with a slimmer headband and the same ear-shaped ear cups.

Lola will cost $249.99 and will be available in charcoal black and pearl white starting in November at Amazon, Best Buy online, and Guitar Center. For more information check out

I’ve got the Blue Mo-Fi Headphones (they are my absolute faves), and I am looking forward to comparing them to the lighter and less pricy Lola.

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