Wireless Charging on the Go, Courtesy of Avido

If you have a device that charges wirelessly, one thing that you’ve grown fond of is the ability to maneuver without cables. It’s a luxury for sure, but a great luxury nonetheless. However, most wireless charges still are only meant for in-home use. That changes today thanks to Avido.

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Avido took to CES this week in Vegas to announce their WiBa, the first real tried and true way to say goodbye to cables, at home or on the go. You see the WiBa is actually one of the first Qi wireless chargers that doubles as a power bank to make sure that you are never without juice, even when you have to suddenly leave the house.

Coming complete with a 5000mAh power bank capacity, you can charge up your smartphone while you wait at the airport, or even bring it with you to work and take it when you’re done for the day. Coming complete with an additional USB output port (2.1A), you can charge an external device all while your Qi-Wireless enabled device charges as well. It’s also one of the few wireless chargers on the market looking to the future by including a USB Type-C cable for charging and includes two slim metal plates (black and white), that you can add to your smartphone so it doesn’t slip off of the base.

At only $99.99, you can actually find out more information and details about its release by visiting Avidopower.com today.

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