Blue Mo-Fi Headphones: The Over-the-Ear Headphones You’ve Been Waiting For

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Blue Mo-Fi Headphones: The Over-the-Ear Headphones You've Been Waiting For Listen to this article

Dan and I have tried so many headphones that it is easy for us to seem skeptical when something new comes along. That attitude flew out the window when we had some ears-on time with the new Blue Mo-Fi Headphones. Throw what you think you know about traditional over-the-ear headphones out the window, and take a look at these beauties.

The first thing you’ll notice, beyond their beautiful metal body design, is that the Blue Mo-Fi Headphones do not that the traditional curved headband; this one is more squared off with 45º angles which translate to a more comfortable and adjustable fit.

Blue Mo-Fi Headphones: The Over-the-Ear Headphones You've Been Waiting For

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As Blue says, they’ve “completely reimagined how it fits on your head, so you’ll get both optimal sound and listen-all-day comfort.

As for the sound the Blue Mo-Fi Headphones produce?


Mo-Fi is the first headphone that combines a built-in audiophile amplifier and insanely great-sounding drivers for a truly mind-blowing listening experience. Sure, this means Mo-Fi can get loud. But more importantly, it allows for the most accurate sound reproduction—so you’ll always enjoy great-sounding audio, on every device. Frankly, it’s surprising no one ever thought of this before—but hey, we’re Blue. Innovation is what we do best.

I can tell you that after spending thirty minutes listening to them last night, I didn’t want to take them of. The Blue Mo-Fi Headphones are beautiful, comfortable, and they sound terrific. Keep an eye out for Dan’s soon to come full review. In the meantime, you can find them for $349.98 on Amazon.


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