Anker PowerLine MicroUSB Cables: A Cable That Can Take a Beating!

We all use USB cables. Even if you are an iPhone user, you invariably have a headset or something else that requires the ubiquitous MicroUSB cable. Every cable you have ever had with a device also needs to be replaced because they wear out. Usually at a stress point. That may end today thanks to Anker’s PowerLine MicroUSB cable!

Anker PowerLine MicroUSB Cables: A Cable That Can Take a Beating!

I was on Facebook one day when I saw one of the many Anker ads I usually see as I don’t run an ad blocker. Usually I ignore them but the ad for the PowerLine MicroUSB cable peaked my interest. According to Anker, the PowerLine cables they use are wrapped in kevlar. Yes the same material that is used to make things like bullet proof vests. That’s not all. They have also reinforced the cable at all of the common stress points. Each of these points is promised to bend over 10,000 times. The cable itself is billed to last 10 times longer than any other USB cable. The cable ALSO uses thicker wire as well and promises to be the fastest charging USB cable. It also comes with an 18 month warranty. If you have a problem, you can send it back and they will send you a new one. So, I immediately ordered a short 1 ft cable and a 10 ft cable to see if they really are all that they promised.

Anker PowerLine MicroUSB Cables: A Cable That Can Take a Beating!

I purchased the gray version of these cables, but they are also available in black, white, red, and blue. The 10 ft cable is currently available on Amazon for a steal at $6.99. The one foot version is $4.99. They are also available in 3 ft, for $4.99 and 6 ft for $5.99 and have the same color options.

When I got them, the thing that I liked about them was that they have a velcro wrap on them. This makes it easy to throw this cable in your bag without the cable getting tangled up, although I promptly lost the one on my 1ft cable as I use this short cable to charge my phone from one of Anker’s batteries. The other thing is that they DO feel better than even Anker’s other cables. I’ve carted my phone around the house or other places with the cable plugged into my battery and I have not noticed any issues with the cable at all. The only thing I see failing on these cables is the MicroUSB connector itself. My only hope is that Anker makes this cable in a USB-C variant for when I finally pick up a Nexus 6P!

If you are tired of replacing USB cables, look no further. Order one or two of these and you won’t be sorry.

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What I like:  Best USB cable I’ve ever used

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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