Introducing Tile’s Latest Product: The Tile Mate

If you have a habit of losing things, such as your keys, phone, purse… or anything for that matter, you might need Tile’s latest innovation that doesn’t forget even when you do.

Released today is the Tile Mate, and I had an opportunity to check it out myself. Tile has been around for two years, making sure you never lose things such as your keys, and more recently, your wallet so it’s no surprise that Tile wants to help you stop losing things. Since launching their campaign, Tile has changed the lives of over 6 million customers, and they intend on keeping that going with the Tile Mate.

One complaint many people had about the original Tile was the fact it was pretty bulky, even for a keyring. So with the Tile Mate, they have redesigned the Tile Mate to resemble what they did right with the Tile Slim by making it 25% smaller than the original Tile, all while keeping the key hole (which the Slim version does not have). Just like all of the other Tiles, you can use the companion app, but you can also ring your phone as well as ring your Tile, and locate it on the map so it can be found anywhere on the planet. And for families, you can share the Tile with one other person. This is a big thing for me because I’ve used other trackers that only tracked up to 30 feet, sometimes less. But what’s the point of that if you’re in route home but your keys are in your office, or at the restaurant you just left? Good that will do for you. With the Tile app, it automatically maps the last place your Tile was recorded, and all you have to do is open up the map to get an approximate location with directions to your Tile.


And since this isn’t just for your keys either, since the Tile Mate can be places on remotes, briefcases, luggage, Cameras and backpacks. I currently only have one but I plan on buying one for my backpack, as well as one to stick to the back of my iPhone.

Tile is proud to say they locate half a million items per day, from their 6 million customers, and it could be a saving grace for that person who has a clumsy habit of losing things in the couch, the car, or the coffee shop. You could actually get your hands on a Tile Mate today at Tile’s website.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slimmer design, doesn’t scratch NEARLY as much as previous version.

What Needs Improvement: Need a black version

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