3M Privacy Filters Are the Antidote to Prying Eyes #ad #privacymatters

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Your information belongs to you. It’s more valuable than just about anything else you own and yet, when working in a public place it it open and available to anyone passing by your device’s screen.

That’s where the 3M Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors enter the picture.

These simple yet complex accessories help prevent visual hackers from getting access to your sensitive information. The filters do just what they sound like they do… They keep strangers from laying eyes on your sensitive and confidential information. And since they come in a variety of sizes, they will help keep the data safe whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop. That makes sense because smartphones and tablets have become so powerful that they are all simply small computers that can do almost, if not all, of the work of a traditional computer. As 3M noted:

Our trusted visual privacy solutions allow users to see their screen clearly while prying eyes beside them see only a black or gold screen which features advanced technology first developed by 3M – the visual privacy experts.

Let’s talk about why these 3M Privacy Filters are important. For starters there is a growing concern about visual privacy now that we are able to do serious work anywhere, anytime on pretty much any device. After all, technology and worker mobility too often allow sensitive information to be accessed from more places and on more devices. This anywhere/anytime data access exponentially increases the risk of data being see my those who should not. How bad is the situation? In one survey more than half of those surveyed said they had had their visual privacy violated:

  • 69% encountered this in the workplace
  • 55% encountered this while traveling
  • 51% encountered this in public areas.

(Data sourced from “The Visual Privacy Productivity Study.” Ponemon Institute, October 2012.)

In this new era visual hacking has become a legitimate threat to pretty much every organization. What is visual hacking? It is the act of viewing or capturing sensitive, confidential and privacy information for unauthorized use. It is an under-addressed threat in the IT security plans and privacy policies of many organization This is made all the worse by the fact that a visual hacker may only need to gather one piece of valuable information in order to unlock a significant amount of information and cause a large-scale data breach. (Sourced from “3M Visual Hacking Experiment.” Ponemon Institute. Sponsored by 3M Company. 2015). Learn More About Visual Hacking.

3M Privacy Filters Are the Antidote to Prying Eyes #ad #privacymatters

3M is a leader in visual privacy solutions, and they have years of experience as a leader in this area of growing importance. 3M Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors can prevent visual hackers from laying their eyes on sensitive and confidential information whether it is being displayed on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop screen. Best of all, 3M Privacy Products offer protection while still allowing users to see their screen clearly. Users use their device as the normally would; those who are attempting to lay their eyes on screens they do not own see only a black or gold screen. And while 3M privacy solutions are great for individuals, they should be something corporate leaders also consider as they exercise their responsibility for maintaining their organization’s privacy by providing tools to employees that allow them to protect their information from being visually hacked, while still maintaining productivity.

So now what? Well, you can Learn More About 3M Privacy Products and even Request a Sample.

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