IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is a Tablet Stand for On the Go

The IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is, “A sturdy, adjustable stand for iPad and iPad mini” and it works well. Priced under $30, it creates a stable base for your tablet whether you are a musician or simply want your tablet at a stable, easy-to-read angle. It folds flat, is easy to transport, easy to use, and works well!

IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is a Tablet Stand for On the Go

IK Multimedia notes that the iKlip Stand is designed for musicians. In fact, on the product page they say:

“Let’s face it, there’s enough pressure in the studio without having to worry about breaking your iPad. We’ve elegantly solved this problem with the iKlip Studio an adjustable iPad desktop stand that takes the worry out of energetically tapping out rhythms or playing virtual instruments on your iPad. Designed specifically for musicians, iKlip Studio holds the iPad firmly on studio desks or other surfaces, and is available for iPad and iPad mini.”


“You can tap away on synths, beat-pads, and other music apps on iPad’s multitouch screen with no risk of the device moving or sliding. iKlip Studio’s flexible orientation allows it to tilt from a low-profile angle – ideal for use with apps like mixers, controllers or synthesizers – to near-vertical positioning for use as a reader for scores or tablature, or to place the iPad behind music keyboard controllers.”

IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is a Tablet Stand for On the Go

That’s all true but the iKlip Stand offers a far wider series of use-scenarios than that. This stand is great if you are reading on your iPad and want your hands free. It is fantastic if you are using a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad and want an easy viewing angle. And it is great if you are watching video on the iPad. It raises the iPad off the surface it is on just enough to put it at a good viewing position AND it keeps it away from any spillage if you are using the tablet on a countertop. In other words, while this stand is ideal for its described use it also works well for non-musicians and, as such, is worth a look by anyone who owns a tablet.

IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is a Tablet Stand for On the Go

Here’s what the iKlip Studio offers:

  • Lightweight, Shock-Resistant and Flexible: iKlip Studio is made of lightweight, shock-resistant thermoplastic that is durable and solid, and reliably supports the iPad. Rubber foot-pads grip the desktop and prevent unwanted sliding. The support tray fits most cases for ultra-quick positioning of an iPad of any generation.
  • Your device can be quickly rotated between horizontal and vertical position to suit any app. Convenient openings in the housing allow accessibility to every port of the iPad. Handy slots let you keep cables neatly organized.
  • Read, Mix, Tap, and Hammer: With an adjustable angle and no-slip rubber base, even heavy-handed users can now use multi-touch gestures without worrying about the device slipping or moving around. Both iKlip Studio versions allow you to position your device at the perfect angle to prevent wrist, neck or eye strain.
  • For musicians, the iKlip Studio series allows you to use your device as a seamless part of your existing studio, keeping it positioned at the ready for use as a control surface, instrument, display, and more, without worrying about it sliding mid-performance. For gamers, iKlip Studio stands feature a “sure-grip” placement tray that secures your device, allowing even the most furious pounding without needing to cradle your device in your lap. But be careful, we can’t be responsible for how excited and energetic you’ll become, and we don’t replace broken screens on devices.
  • Maximum portability: For maximum portability, iKlip Studio folds completely flat so it can be quickly inserted into any iPad bag and carried anywhere.

IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is a Tablet Stand for On the Go

It is worth noting that while the iKlip Studio is designed for musicians it can be used in a host of others ways, so it was designed for the iPad too but usable in a far broader way. Yes, the iKlip Studio for iPad and iKlip Studio for iPad mini work just fine with Android tablets and all kinds of different e-readers like the Kindle Fire and Nook.

IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is a Tablet Stand for On the Go

Personally I like the fact that the iKlip Studio folds flat, opens in seconds; sits at a variety of different angles and offers a solid base for your tablet. Truth be told, the stand doesn’t look like much but it works so well I can’t help but recommend it!

Here’s a quick video look…


  • Sturdy, durable, lightweight, shock-resistant thermoplastic construction holds your iPad securely without scratching or marring it
  • Rubber foot-pads grip the desktop and prevent unwanted sliding

IK Multimedia iKlip Studio is a Tablet Stand for On the Go

  • Flexible orientation allows iKlip Studio to tilt from a very low-profile angle to near-vertical positioning
  • The device can be quickly rotated between its horizontal and vertical position
  • Perfect for the studio, office, travel, home and school use
  • All controls, buttons, connectors and camera of the iOS device are accessible
  • Fast installation — can be mounted in seconds
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • The support tray fits most tablet cases

The iKlip Studio is a great stand at a great price. It is as simple as that. You can learn more and order yours for just $29.99 here on the product page.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample IK Multimedia iKlip Studio.

What I Like: Thin; Light; Simple to use; Works with a variety of tablets; Works with tablets in landscape or portrait; Holds tablet at a variety of angles; Nicely priced.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. For under $30 it is a superb tablet stand.

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