Incipio offGRID 6000mAh Portable External Battery

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the Incipio offGRID 6000mAh Portable External Battery. It is a small, light but powerful backup battery that is designed to keep your devices charged on the go. Better still, thanks to its simple, dual-USB ports, the device will charge two devices on the go with simplicity.


The Incipio offGRID 6000mAh Portable External Battery is available in just one color — black. It is a deep black with a nice soft-touch finish. It is unassuming and has a look and feel of a quality mobile tech tool.

From Incipio:

Never get stranded without power again with the offGRID Portable Backup Battery. Combining a high battery capacity and dual output USB ports, you can keep all your mobile devices powered up and ready to go. When at full capacity, the offGRID Portable Backup Battery can fully charge an average smartphone 3-4 times.

Video review of the Incipio offGRID 6000mAh Portable External Battery



External Portable Battery Features:

  • Includes Micro USB cable to recharge the offGRID .
  • Portable Backup Battery. High current and fast speed charging. Compact and portable design. .
  • When at full capacity, the offGRID Portable Backup Battery 6000mAh can fully charge an average smartphone 3-4 times. .
  • Rechargeable lithium-Polymer battery with 6000mAh capacity. Total 3.1A (2.1A +1A) max output for charging tablets, smartphones, and other USB devices. .
  • LED indicators displaying power status and available capacity. .
  • Dual output USB ports easily charge two devices simultaneously.

There is nothing fancy about this external backup battery. It’s doesn’t have internal technology that automatically adjusts the power output for the attached device. It doesn’t have a flashlight. It doesn’t scream for attention. No, this battery is all about keeping your devices charged during the day in as simple a manner as possible. And on that count the Incipio offGRID 6000mAh Portable Battery gets the job done with aplomb. Order yours [Affiliate Link] here on Amazon for under $55.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Incipio offGRID 6000mAh Portable External Battery

What I Like: Small; Simple to use; Unassuming; charges two devices at once

What Needs Improvement: Each of the two ports has a different output. You need to manually select which to use

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