Protect Your Apple Watch Courtesy of

If you’ve been surviving with your Apple Watch the past few months and luckily haven’t had any run-ins with a wall or worse, chances are you might need some added protection for it this holiday season. Luckily, has a glass screen protector for your smartwatch to protect its beauty. is a discounted online reseller that just recently released their tempered glass screen protector that doesn’t take away the integrity of Apple’s fashionable watch.

Protect Your Apple Watch Courtesy of

The screen protector versus a naked Apple Watch Screen.

With a new Apple Watch costing you a few hundred bucks, the last thing that you want to happen is messy hairline scratches or worse, a cracked screen. Luckily for less than $10, you can shatterproof your watch and still be classy.

Protect Your Apple Watch Courtesy of

My old Apple Watch Screen Protector that attempted to cover the edges, and failed.

Built from scratch, the shatterproof glass absorbs impacts, is oil resistant, and leaves your watch looking beautiful, showing no smudges or fingerprints. The process of applying is simple with its peel and place self-adhesive application process. It covers the actual Apple Watch screen though, unlike previous “screen protectors” I’ve used in the past that attempted to cover the entire Apple Watch which after two weeks, you’ll have pocket lint, and dirt/dust sitting on the edges of the screen protector since the Apple Watch itself isn’t made with corners that can hold up screen protectors like your Apple iPhone does.

Protect Your Apple Watch Courtesy of

The finished product after Applying the Apple Watch glass screen.


Overall, my watch looks pretty nice even with the ultra-thin glass screen sitting on top of it. Sure, it’s not the most ideal situation to have a ‘screen protector for a watch’, but when you think about the investment you made, even with or without Apple Care, I trust that even using $10 to protect it is a great deal.

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