Monowear Bands Dress Up Your Apple Watch!

At their last event Apple introduced the iPhone SE, the 9.7″ iPad Pro and…new overpriced bands for the Apple Watch. Let’s face it, the Apple Watch is pretty great and being able to customize it with swappable bands is nice. Still, Apple overcharges for their spare bands. (I know! How shocking?!) That’s where Monowear comes in.

Monowear offers a huge range of quality bands for the Apple Watch. The band comes in a variety of styles and materials and, of course, offer a variety of different price points. I was sent three of their offerings and thought we might take a look at them. Each offers something different and each comes in at a different price. For example, the cool nylon band is under $60 while the gorgeous and classy metal band comes in at $119.99. Here’s our quick rundown and a video of how you can make the metal band fit snugly and comfortably around your wrist. (Spoiler: It’s easy once you figure out how to do it but it took me a while and a bit of elbow grease.)


Let’s run them down beginning with the least expensive:

Monowear Olive Nylon Band for Apple Watch


Monowear sent me one of their nylon bands in Olive. It looks military without trying too hard. The band is thick yet flexible and promises to put up with a good bit of wear and tear.


Available for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches it is compatible with the Apple Watch Sport (that’s what I have), the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition.


The nylon is smooth to the touch and wraps comfortably around the wrist.


Where this band stands out is with the unique buckle and strap-holding loops. They are made of stainless steel and have an attractive curved look. The add to the military-ensue look of the band while giving it visual interest.

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It is definitely a step up from the boring rubber band that shipped with my Apple Watch Sport!!

The band has an MSRP of $59.99 and, at that price, is a pretty good deal. And if you don’t like the Olive color there are other options available! Check it, and the other available colors, out here!

Monowear Brown Leather Band for Apple Watch


If you want something classier than the nylon band you can step up to Monowear’s $79.99 leather offerings. Available in a variety of different colors, the bands are made from genuine leather with a Nappa finish. That’s right, there’s none of that vegan leather nonsense going on here!


The adapter and buckle are made from skinless steel and have a color match based on your watch selection.Yes, there are a variety of different choices here so you can find something that will either match perfectly or, if you prefer, offers some contrasting color.


Like the Nylon band, it is available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes and is compatible with the full line of Apple Watch’s currently on the market.

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The leather band is a bit thicker and stiffer than the nylon offering but it still wraps nicely around the wrist. Over time, it will soften and feel even more comfortable. Check out all the options here!

Monowear Black Metal Band for Apple Watch


Finally, we come to the $119.99 Black Metal Band for Apple Watch. It is truly a classy way to get the most from your Apple Watch. Made from thick stainless steel, the band looks and feels classy. It has significant heft and a finish that is first class. The offset links look neat and allow for a great deal of flexibility that, once the band is properly-sized, allows it to mold perfectly to your wrist.


The metal clasp has a small, subtle yet obvious- if you look- Monowear logo in one corner.


It is a tri-fold clasp that folds onto itself and locks securely in place. The three-fold design means the open band is large enough to easily fit over your hand.


The clasp then folds onto itself and, in the process, tightens around your wrist. It clicks into place with an audible and easily-felt click that lets you know they band is secured in place.


To release the clasp you simply depress the single button on one side of the smooth flat portion of the clasp. I much prefer this approach to the bands that require you to depress buttons on both sides simultaneously. This band is no less secure than those and is a lot easier to manage.


Getting the band to fit properly does take a bit of effort.


One many of the links there is an arrow. This indicates the direction the sizing pin pop out.


Insert a small-tipped point into the hole and push… Hard.


The pin eventually starts moving. Keep pushing…


Until the pin is out and the links come apart. Return and repeat with the next link and then put it all together without the removed link. It is that simple.

Here’s a video look:

In all, Monowear has some great options that are worth a look. If you love your Apple Watch give it some Monowear love. You won’t be sorry! See them all here!

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