Save Big on TYLT Products Without Leaving the Comfort of Home

We’re big fans of TYLT’s products here on the site. We’ve reviewed a ton of them, and from their external batteries to their cables to their cases to their wireless charging devices, each and every one has impressed. The products work well while also showing off a unique aesthetic. And from Black Friday through Cyber Monday you can save big!

That’s right, TYLT’s upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale runs from 11/27 and 11/30. During that time, you can save 35% on TYLT’s entire wireless charging line.

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That means the VÜ wireless charger, which is normally $59.99 is now just $38.99. If your device supports wireless charging you want one of these!! Order yours here.

What’s more, you can save 50% on all of TYLT’s other products!

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That means, for example, that the awesome TYLT 6+K ENERGY Charger with Lightning cable is just $40. Check it out.

It also means the FLYP-DUO reversible USB charge & sync cable is now just $12.50.

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The FLYP-DUO is the most convenient cable you’ll ever use. Whether charging or syncing, the patented reversible USB design is always going the right way to easily plug in. The 2-in-1 connector makes the FLYP-DUO compatible with almost any mobile device. Equipped with both micro-USB and Apple Lightning connectors the FLYP-DUO is the ultimate solution for any Apple user who also carries Bluetooth devices or power banks that charge through micro-USB. It is also the perfect solution for anyone who shares chargers in their home or vehicle with friends or family that use different phones.

I am a huge fan of TYLT’s duo cables and you will be too! Pick up a few here.

In fact, I’m a fan of all of TYLT’s products. These savings won’t last so check out all their offerings here.

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