The Wallet Case by jimmyCASE Gets The “Phone Card Holder” Right

Wallet cases. Not everyone gets them right, but luckily when I received the jimmyCASE, I’m happy to say that they indeed did get it right!

Made of aircraft grade mahogany, and handcrafted in the US, the jimmyCASE is certainly a unique case, but that’s a good thing.


Originally a Kickstarter project gone successful, the case itself wraps your iPhone in a silicone bumper that covers all sides of your iPhone, all the while sporting a wood back accompanied by an elastic strip that you can chose the design of. The elastic is where you will house your cards, of course. You don’t have to worry about the cards slipping out from the bottom end which Iw as actually pretty pleased about because that was my initial concern when viewing the cases online. However you’ll be happy to know that the elastic is stitched on the lower end so your cards will not slide through.


The case itself does cover all of the buttons minus the volume rocker, which is a good thing. If you have large fingers you might have a bit of trouble with this though. At the bottom of the jimmyCASE there’s enough cutout space for not only standard lightning cables made by Apple, but most third parties as well.


Upon putting the case on the first time though, it is a bit hard to do as a result of the wood back not giving much weight to the silicone, so it is a bit of a process to set up. I suggest sliding in the phone volume buttons first then working on the other end, that seems to work.


Overall I feel like this is an above average case that has multiple purposes for those on the go who rather not have a wallet on their person. The version I received is not RFID-protected, but that’s a good thing for the commuter who used their train cards to tap while on the move. At $39, it’s certainly one of the better wallet cases I’ve seen on the market, and you can even chose your flair via the elastic band.

Find out more about the jimmyCASE here today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Elastic expands to fit up to six cards (which might add bulk however)

What Needs Improvement: Cutout for the volume rocker could be bigger.

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