Add Some Personality to Your iPhone Case with SwitchEasy’s Monster Cases!

Switcheasy is known for making simple, minimalistic cases that not only protect your case, but keep the identity and beauty of your phone just as it would be without the protection. So when they sent me over their SwitchEasy Monsters Case for the iPhone 6s Plus I was pretty stoked to see that they updated the funky looking case they once made for the iPhone 5 for the most updated Apple smartphone.

Included in the case itself you’ll receive a screen protector, and a microfiber wipe to clean your screen prior to placing the protector on. Now to be honest I never actually use these because I’ve been using glass screen protectors for the past year, but it’s a great novelty to have in the event your phone drops and that glass screen protector cracks or breaks (mine has done this twice in the past).

Add Some Personality to Your iPhone Case with SwitchEasy's Monster Cases

Now onto the case itself. The Monsters SwitchEasy is bound to get you a reaction if you’re in a crowd. Now this would be a perfect case for Halloween, or just someone who overall hates the simple silicon cases on the market that have no flair to them. The green version I received, albeit silly looking, actually gives my device a tad bit more appeal. It’s a one piece case that has a silicon material that feels not only great in the hand, but in your pocket as well.

Add Some Personality to Your iPhone Case with SwitchEasy's Monster Cases

Usually with cases with this material I end up getting tired of using them because my phone tends to get hot after extended use, but the Monster actually holds up nicely. The added mold of the expressions on the back of the case as well do make holding the phone a bit more secure, which I thought was nice.

Add Some Personality to Your iPhone Case with SwitchEasy's Monster Cases

All of the ports are wide enough for standard and third-party cables and headphone jacks as well which you don’t get from most companies these days. A big thing for me that SwitchEasy continuously gets right however is they always leave enough of a camera cutout to not have any camera flash glare, as I tend to take a lot of outdoors photos. Overall I actually enjoy the Monsters case on my phone, and with the variety they have in the cases I’m certain you would too. Did I mention they are only $12.50?

If you’d like more information, you can head over to SwitchEasy today and get you one of the five color options they have.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: Overall feel in the hand is nice. Color Variety is pretty nice

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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