Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible with GloveTect’s ConnectTec

With winter in full swing, that means you’ll more than likely have gloves on this season, and with the majority of us having touchscreen phones, obviously touchscreen gloves are a hot item to have.

Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible with GloveTect's ConnectTec

The issue with most touchscreen gloves are either they are cheap and do not work, or are one size fits all and might not fit your hand specifically. But what if you have your own favorite pairs of gloves and would like to just add the capabilities of using on your smartphone? That’s where the GloveTec comes into play. Makers of the world’s first-ever adhesive conductive fingertip tech, they have created a way for you to stay connected to your smartphone with your already useful gloves!

Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible with GloveTect's ConnectTec

This winter you can use the GloveTact’s patent-pending ConnectTec, an ultra-material on your already existent gloves, for more precise touchscreen sensitivity. The pads themselves attach securely to any gloves you have, and are virtually unnoticeable once applied. Even the founder of the company uses them on the regular.

“I spend a lot of time outside, especially on my motorcycle and mountain bike,” said Gregorio de Haro, founder and CEO. “I got frustrated by missing photo opportunities or taking too much time to navigate with my smartphone. It just isn’t practical to have to take your gloves off every time you need to operate your device. And if it’s cold, it’s certainly not pleasant.”

Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible with GloveTect's ConnectTec

The best thing about the ConnectTec glove enhancers are that they are not only versatile, but work in all conditions. So if you’re out in the rain biking, or even hitting the slopes this winter, you can rest assured that the Connecter has been individually tested to have a resistance of 104 ohms (human skin conductivity typically is 105) which make it virtually identical to just your naked finger.

With all of this I know you’re guessing how much right? Surprisingly they are only $9.99 each, and you’ll be able to pick them up at today!

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