Neuro Gum Adds CinnaMental Flavor to Their Caffeinated Gum Offerings!

I reviewed Neuro Gum last spring, and at the time noted it was tasty, offered a nice caffeine kick, and had eased a headache or two for me. They have a new flavor out, CinnaMental, and they gave me the chance to revisit the gum and try the new flavor!

Neuro Gum Adds CinnaMental Flavor to Their Caffeinated Gum Offerings!

Before I dive into the new flavor, I did want to share some anecdotal feedback from my mother. She was visiting me a few months ago and asked for some gum (she’s a diehard gum-chewer), and I gave her a piece of Neuro Gum. My mom absolutely flipped for it; she loved the taste, and more importantly, a very minor headache she had faded once she started chewing it. She took a few of my packs home with her and has told me she chews one piece a day, and it seems to help fight her tendency for migraines, sinus headaches, etc.

Now, she’s not using Neuro Gum in place of migraine medicine, and I’m certainly not asserting that this an alternative for migraine treatment. But whether it’s the texture and chewing of the gum, the combo of caffeine and other nootropics — or maybe even the placebo effect — both of us have noticed that popping a Neuro Gum at the onset of a headache gives a fighting chance that it fades away. I don’t get migraines often, but I do get sinus headaches frequently, especially when the weather leaps from normal to 90% humidity inside of a day. I had a nasty one the other night, and when I woke up in the morning it was better but still lingering. Two pieces of Neuro Gum on my drive to work managed to drive away the remnants of the headache, so, again, totally anecdotal but the gum is certainly nice to keep around.

Now, on to the new flavor. I was super excited about this, because I love cinnamon gum. The initial impression is excellent; there’s a nice spicy burst of cinnamon when you first chew, and unlike the mintier flavor the gum itself doesn’t feel as crumbly. It doesn’t seem to hold its flavor as well as the mint version, but due to the explosion of cinnamon at the start, it does have a nice lingering cinnamon flavor over time. Also, even after the flavor has faded, the gum itself is vaguely sweet without being cloying. I’ve chewed on it well after the flavor itself was gone, something I didn’t like doing with the mint flavor as much. They offer both 6 and 12 packs to order, plus they have a subscribe and save option if you’re a regular user.

Functionally, CinnaMental is just like the EnlightenMint flavor I reviewed previously. However, if you’re more of a cinnamon over mint fan like I am, this is a welcome variation! Either one is a great source of caffeine and other brain-boosting ingredients, so if you’re looking for a compact way to give yourself a pick me up anytime, be sure to check out Neuro Gum’s offerings!

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