Wireless Charging For All Devices With The Tango

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Wireless Charging For All Devices With The Tango Listen to this article

There’s nothing like a little being out and about and not being able to charge your devices when the battery gets low. Now, you could have yourself a cable in your back pocket, but why not just go completely wireless?

Wireless Charging For All Devices With The Tango

That’s where the Powersquare Tango comes to your rescue. The World’s first wire-free, multi device charger is a Kickstarter project that has been featured on numerous news articles and should be a product you’re considering for your devices in the New Year. The premise is simple, you’re able to actually support more than one smartphone by simply putting them side by side on the patent pending charger.

Wireless Charging For All Devices With The Tango

Able to work on all Qi compliant devices, you can even charge your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, courtesy of a standalone case available on Amazon that features the Qi functionality. Obviously the iPhone case will add a bit of bulk to your phone, but the extra battery life, on top of the wireless compatibility is worth it’s weight in gold.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Wireless Charging For All Devices With The Tango

The gold and black wireless charger is planning mass production in March of 2016, and with a pledge of only $65, you can guarantee yourself a Powersquare Tango and not only receive it earlier than March, you’ll get it in JANUARY if you back it before December 31st!

For more information check out their Kickstarter today and back the PowerSquare Tango!

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