Get the Perfect Pour at Home with the Fizzics Beer System!

When you think about pouring a perfect beer you think about holding the glass at a 45 degree angle, pouring the beer down the side to allow glugging and when the glass is halfway full to slowly tip the glass upright before pouring the rest of the beer into the center away from the edge right? Sure. But who gets this right 100 percent of the time?

Get the Perfect Pour at Home with the Fizzics Beer System!

That’s where Fizzics, a countertop draft gadget for your home that can give you the feeling of a true draft from your bottle, or canned beer, regardless if it’s cheap beer or not. If you’re familiar with a SodaStream, you might know the CO2 method that they use to give regular water a fizzy carbonation to your drinks. The Fizzics works somewhat of the same, along the same lines.

Get the Perfect Pour at Home with the Fizzics Beer System!

You simply place the can or bottle into the chamber, insert the tube into the beer of your choosing and you close it. The chamber itself can hold most standard cans up to 26 ounces, and once closed will be pressurized and airtight.

Get the Perfect Pour at Home with the Fizzics Beer System!

Just like the Sodastream products, when it comes to the Fizzics you use a lever on top of the machine, pull it forward and the beer gets sucked through the tube and dispenses slowly through the front of the machine. Now I will say, the Fizzics doesn’t chill the beer prior to dispensing it to you. So if you’d like a truly tasty beer, I would put those Bud Lights or Sam Adams (whichever you chose) into the fridge or in a cooler prior to using, and trust me, you’ll never be more excited to have yourself a foamy mustache courtesy of your favorite beer.

Get the Perfect Pour at Home with the Fizzics Beer System!

Overall I personally LOVE the Fizzics. Typically a product like this is a novelty piece that you’d probably get as a wedding present and possibly never use after the first time out of the box, but for the TRUE beer drinkers out there, this is a product that you can be proud to have sitting next to your fridge on the counter, just ready to use, regardless if you have friends and family over, or if you just need a beer on a Sunday afternoon while watching the game. Not only will it save you the money you’d pay in tipping for the same thing, but you can now know what it feels like to create the perfect head from your beer overtime, regardless of how cheap the can was.

For only $169.99 you can purchase one from Brookstone, and make it a great gift for that special someone (even if that special someone is yourself!). Find out more information here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: Even the average beer drinker will know how to use it, straight out of the box.

What Needs Improvement: Should come with a six pack for the price of the machine itself.

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