Misfit Announces the Misfit Ray Activity Tracker

Misfit’s devices have all had a very recognizable style, in that they are small round disks of various materials, ranging from cheaper plastics to metals to even Swarovski crystals. They are shaking things up with their new Misfit Ray, a more bracelet-style tube that tracks activity, sleep, and handles basic notifications, just like its siblings!

Misfit has always had an eye towards fashion, and the Ray definitely pushes their devices further in that direction. If anything, it seems to indicate there’s more overlap between Misfit and their future corporate parent Fossil, since the Ray and Fossil’s Q bracelets both take the same general “fitness tracker as an attractive bracelet” approach. Or, if you’d prefer, you can wear it around your neck. The Ray picks up smartphone notifications, has silent alarms, and works with Misfit Link, so your bracelet can now double as a way to turn on your lights and take selfies. At $99, this sits on the high end of Misfit’s offerings, but certainly offers far more benefits and style at this price than the competition (particularly the aging Fitbit Flex).

Keep an eye out for the Misfit Ray this spring!

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