Casio Announces the WSD-F10 Outdoor Watch with Android Wear

Casio is diving wrist first into the Android Wear world with their newest release, the WSD-F10 Outdoor Watch. It combines Casio’s trademark rugged designs with the power of Android Wear, perfect for those times when you need to check Facebook while at Basecamp for Mount Everest.

All joking aside, Casio has thrown a lot of extra features into the WSD-10 to make it stand out in the smartwatch world. It has GPS, is water resistant to 40 meters, offers dust and shock proofing, and has a number of Casio-specific apps for outdoor activities. They also offer a time-only display to extend battery life from one day to up to thirty, though obviously that’s at the expense of the smartphone features.

They are pricing this at $499, which is a bit high (and puts it up against other hiking/outdoors watches like the Garmin Fenix 3), but on looks alone it is loads better than the Moto 360 Sport! Also, it’s great to see companies branching out into more areas with Android Wear. It may be pricey, but there’s a definite niche for rugged watches, and if there’s one thing Casio knows, it’s making devices that stand up under wear and tear!

Will you be strapping on the Casio WSD-10, or is it a bit too rugged for your tastes?

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