Connected Home Pros Honeywell Partner with HomeAdvisor for On-Demand Home Services

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Announced at Showstoppers here at CES in Las Vegas, HomeAdvisor, an operating business of IAC announced that they will be integrating with Honeywell’s Home Comfort products to give the user more on-demand home services.

Connected Home Pros Honeywell Partner with HomeAdvisor for On-Demand Home Services

With more users attempting to get into making their normal home “smarter”, it’s no surprise that HomeAdvisor wanted to put their name in the hat, and why not join up with Honeywell, who has a great reputation when it comes to all things smart home? As of today, users of the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort mobile all will now have the ability to use HomeAdvisor’s “Instant Connect” technology to connect with a HomeAdvisor professional all in less than a minute directly from the app.


“With increased adoption of smart home technologies comes an increased need for service,” said Brandon Ridenour, HomeAdvisor’s chief technology officer. “This first-in- the-industry integration seamlessly connects smart home users with home professionals qualified to service their smart home technologies—building on the ease of on-demand technologies to deliver a critical service layer to the smart home experience. No other player in the industry has the network size or on-demand technology to provide this seamless experience.”

Connected Home Pros Honeywell Partner with HomeAdvisor for On-Demand Home Services

The integration will allow the user to easily connect with a HomeAdvisor representative to get services such as HVAC repairs, maintenance and installation, plumbing emergencies, electrical services, and if you need a handyman, they can find you one as well. With HomeAdvisor having over 140,000 licensed home service professionals in their network, this integration is helpful for ANY home. For more information about the partnership, you can head over to HomeAdvisor today for more information.

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