Avia Stride Activity Tracker Review

CES is now over and activity trackers and other wearables were all the rage at the show this year. With Under Armour, Casio, and others releasing devices, it looks like almost everyone has a tracker now. Avia, who I know more for sneakers than electronics even has one, and they sent me an Avia Stride; I am underwhelmed.

Avia Stride Activity Tracker Review

Avia sent me the Avia Stride tracker. This works together with their app on both Android and iOS which is called Avia Ascend. Avia is like the Fitbit in that it tracks your steps as you go about your day. The device itself has a wonderful battery life when compared to my Moto 36o. Battery easily lasts a week. The device also can notify you if you get a phone call, but that’s really the extent of the device itself. It also includes different bands that account for guys like myself who have really big wrists.

Avia Ascend, their app, will sync your steps from the device and allow you to track things like sleep, however the sleep tracking is not automatic. You have to hit the button on the band or the button in the app in order for it to track your sleep. This grew old on day one and I no longer use it with that. The app also doesn’t allow you to sync your steps to Google Fit or any other tracking apps. You can only use it with Avia’s app. Also, I was trying to get screenshots, but the latest version of the app will NOT run on my Nexus 6. I rebooted the phone multiple times and no matter what I do it will simply not load. This is an issue with the app, not the phone. It’s clear to me that the app needs much work. Note; I have not tested this on iOS.

One of the shining moments for Avia is that their app, when it does work, is that it has support built right into it. Have a problem with the device or app? Go right to the Ascend app and you can send a message to an expert. They are attentive and will even check in on you from time to time to help you work towards your goals.

However, I found their app very buggy and just incomplete. I get more use out of my Android Wear watch than this tracker. If I was more serious, I would probably get a Garmin tracker so I could leave my phone behind when working out, or so I just use my phone as a media device when on a walk/run.

Avia Stride is another “Me too!” device. It’s clear they are trying to make it better though, but if I were to make a recommendation I would go for a Fitbit or if you are a more serious runner, a Garmin. There is nothing that the $69.99 Avia Stride does better than any other. At least it’s cheap. It’s currently available on Amazon for $29.99 [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Fit my wrist and is lightweight

What Needs Improvement: App was buggy

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