Totallee Convinced Not to Go Caseless

A lot of my friends don’t put cases on their smartphones. I don’t get it, don’t understand it, and I feel as though I’m missing something. But there’s one case that attempts to show that not every device needs a case.

Totallee Convinced Not to Go Caseless

Labeled as a case that’s supposed to be super thin, the Totallee cases for the 11 Pro max iPhone are meant to cover your phone from scratches and abrasions. In my usage, drop protection is absolutely nonexistent. Now, we’ve known this for a while and we’ve previously reviewed Totallee cases in the past, so this is no surprise. But with the iPhone Pro Max, in particular, the triple camera lens is not protected in the slightest by the ultra-thin cutout.

I received the Totally cases in a multitude of colors, including red and green; I like that they have no branding on the cases. They do look really impressive and give a bit of an aesthetic and color pop that you otherwise wouldn’t receive with Apple’s selection of device colors. Totallee has been making iPhone cases since way back in 2013 and basically prides itself on the fact that the cases lack bulk. For some that might be a good thing, unfortunately, it’s not enough for me. If you want a case that doesn’t distract from the slickness of your phone and allows you to casually advertise your iPhone’s slim profile, Totallee is probably the case for you. I just wish that there was a bit more protection for my $1000+ investment to justify using it.

If you’re interested in learning more, head over to Totallee’s site for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Thin casing allows you to hold the phone as Apple intended; No branding on the case

What Needs Improvement: Absolutely NO drop protection

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