Master & Dynamic Announces Their Palladium ME05 Earphones

Most of our readers already know my love of Master & Dynamics products. Well it seems as if they just continue putting out some great products as earlier this week they announced their Palladium ME05 Earphones.

Master & Dynamic Announces their Palladium ME05 Earphones

The new earphones will retail at $199. Made of solid brass and then coated with the rare and durable metal palladium, the headphones feature not only a classy looking construction, but with subtle details such as the company’s beautiful logo etched into the earphones themselves. Ironically the headphones came out today, which is my birthday by chance, so I’m even more excited to get myself a pair of them.

Master & Dynamic Announces their Palladium ME05 Earphones

When you purchase a pair of palladium ME05 earphones, you’ll receive two replacement sound filters, a polishing cloth, an aluminum clothing clip, and a leather storage box for the headphones themselves.

Available at, you can get yourself a pair of the great headphones that promise to have a dynamic sound and a first class audio experience!

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