Waterfield Field Muzetto Laptop Bag Serves up Vertical Awesomeness

I’ve made no secret of my love for everything Waterfield. One of my favorite bags from them is also one of their newest: the Waterfield Field Muzetto. Made from waxed, cotton canvas and full-grain, distressed leather, it takes the Muzetto design that I love and gives it an entirely new look and feel. And it comes in three different sizes!


The Muzetto is a north-south bag. That means it is longer than it is wide and opens at the top. And while some may not like a vertically-oriented bag I happen to think it is pretty awesome. The heavy, slightly padded flap closes and stays in place using gravity. It is a less secure approach than were the bag to have clasps but, in exchange, you get a bag that is super easy and quick to open. Here’s what Waterfield has to say about it:

Have a Field Day! Made from lightweight brown waxed, cotton canvas and gorgeous chocolate-colored full-grain, distressed leather, the Field Muzetto—with its fully padded laptop/tablet compartment—will keep your device protected and by your side. Vertically-oriented with a secure zippered pocket inside the main compartment, a no-scratch, lightly padded front pocket with a smartphone pocket inside it, and an open-topped exterior back pocket. Adjust the strap to wear cross body for the commute or over a shoulder for more formal settings.


The front flap is made from gorgeous Waterfield waxed leather. It looks terrific out of the box and, as it wears in, takes on a unique look all its own. The flap covers the entire front portion of the bag and gives it a nice, streamlined look.


  • Available in lightweight light brown, waxed, cotton canvas
  • Leather accent panel in chocolate leather
  • Fully-padded laptop pocket
  • Secure zippered pocket inside main compartment
  • Scratch-free front pocket for electronics with another smartphone-sized pocket inside


The back of the bag has one long, open pocket. This is ideal for a magazine, some papers, or if you need to keep your tablet as accessible as possible. Again you can see the beautiful material used to make this bag. In this case, it is the waxed canvas that is already showing a bit of the unique wear from my using it. Personally, I think the bags look better with age and some markings!


When you open this back pocket and look inside you see that it is lined with a bright material. This isn’t just an aesthetic choice, it makes it easier to see the items you may have stowed in the pocket!


I like the subtle bit of leather accenting Waterfield puts on this bag. I LOVE carrying a bag that has the leather tab on the front with the Waterfield name. It is, in fact, rare that I use a Waterfield bag and don’t have someone ask me about it. When they do I simply point to this leather accent piece.


Nylon belt webbing is used for the adjustable shoulder strap. It is permanently affixed and is wide enough to be super-comfortable when wearing a loaded down bag. The hardware is made from plastic but is built tough and will withstand pretty much anything you throw at it. But while the shoulder strap is comfortable and usable I do wish this bag had a grab handle at the top so you could carry it in hand rather than always needing to throw it over your shoulder. That’s just a personal preference though.


Lifting the flap reveals a large open pocket sitting just in front of the main storage space. It is larger than it might appear and is ideal for a few small accessories, your phone or if you like, your tablet. Take note of the thread line running along the top of the pocket. As you would expect from Waterfield the stitches are perfectly spaced, completely straight, and give a finished look to the bag.


As mentioned, the front pocket may be open but it can hold far more than it initially suggests!


The main compartment of the bag has a zippered pocket toward the front and a few smaller pockets inside that. This adds to the organizational prowess of the bag and makes it truly usable for both work and play. The bright material makes an appearance here as well and helps you find the various gear you quickly tossed into the bag when you were running out that morning.

The bag comes in three sizes that promise a perfect fit for your gear of choice. The small is designed to hold an iPad Pro, a Surface Pro 4, and similar-sized tablets. It measures 11.5″ x 9.3″ x 2.0″ and weighs just 1.3 lbs. It retails for $169. The medium size is designed to hold the Surface Book, a 13″ MacBook, and similar-sized laptop. Large for 15-inch MacBooks & other thicker laptops. it is 14″ x 11″ x 2.5″ and weighs 1.8 lbs. It has an MSRP of  $189. The large version is designed to hold large, 15″ laptops and other items. It measures 15.5″ x 11.75″ x 2.7″ and weighs 2 lbs. It has an MSRP of $199.

Here’s my video review:

As I say in the video, I think the medium version of this bag is the sweet spot. It holds everything you might need to hold without being too large.

As you may not expect, I really love this bag. Then again, I am partial to Waterfield bags in general. This offering, however, really stands out to me as something that can serve a variety of purposes, is comfortable and functional to carry and looks great. I am enjoying the Waterfield Field Muzetto and know you will too!

Check it out here on the product page!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Waterfield Field Muzetto

What I Like: Great design and impressive build-quality; Holds much more than you mght expect; Is simply a pleasure to use and something you will like being seen using; Gets better looking with age; Avaiable in three sizes to meet your specific gear needs.

What Needs Improvement: I wish it had a grab handle at the top.

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