ActionProof’s BOZON Apple Watch Charging Dock is Funky, Disappointing

ActionProof is back at it with their premium silicon accessories, now featuring the BOZON charging dock for the Apple Watch. The BOZON can hold the watch horizontally or vertically while also gathering the excess USB cable inside. The wide stance of the BOZON also keeps the stand steady on your night table. BOZON is available now for $39.99.

BOZON side view

My favorite thing about the BOZON is it’s funky, kind of amorphous design. It’s unlike any Apple Watch charging stand on the market, so I was happy to have it right next to me on my night table. The premium silicon that ActionProof uses is also very soft and “premium” feeling. The BOZON is compatible with all watchbands except for the Link Bracelet.

1-ActionProof BOZON Gear Diary

5-ActionProof BOZON Gear Diary-004

To install the USB cable, the foot on one of the legs is removed so that you can slide the USB cable through the body and out through that leg. Then you replace the leg cap, push the charging disk into the body of the BOZON and away you go. While on the BOZON, you are free to use your Apple Watch as you please, since the screen and buttons are all accessible to you.

3-ActionProof BOZON Gear Diary-002

There aren’t a ton of features to talk about, honestly. It’s an Apple Watch stand with nice aesthetics and a soft, premium feel. However, unfortunately, the BOZON did not shine in my real-world testing.

2-ActionProof BOZON Gear Diary-001

My first and most major complaint was that the charging disk has fallen out of the BOZON more than a few times during my month or so of testing. Replacing the Apple Watch charging disk is not something you want to deal with every few days. Also, the leg cap where the USB cable is installed does not fit securely and it easily falls out when the BOZON is jostled. Jostling the BOZON occurs often for me due to the fact that it’s a pitch black item on my night stand and I typically take off my watch and put it on the stand after the lights are out, so I’ll have to search around with my hand to find the BOZON.

My typical issues with the BOZON.

My typical issues with the BOZON.

Other than the issues mentioned above, the BOZON does the job as advertised. It holds my Apple Watch in a vertical position or a horizontal “night stand” position, the buttons and screen are all accessible, and it’s relatively sturdy.

This is not to say that my experience will be similar to everyone else’s out there, but after a month or so of testing, I think I’ll be returning to my old Apple Watch stand.

You can purchase the ActionProof BOZON from Amazon!

Source: The ActionProof Bozon was a manufacturer supplied review unit.

What I Like: Funky aesthetics; Nice soft silicon; Low profile.

What Needs Improvement: Charging disk slips out of body; Foot cap slips off.

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