The Proper Power Is the Last Battery Pack You’ll Have to Buy

You can never go without enough power for your smart devices, and one company by the name of Proper gets this. I’ve followed them for a while and finally got my hands on their Proper External Battery Pack and honestly, it’s the slimmest  and most stylish battery pack I’ve ever used.

The Proper Power is The Last Battery Pack You'll Have to Buy

The Proper Power is a battery pack that speaks for itself in its look. If you’ve ever used a battery pack before, you know how bulky they tend to be, according to how much mAh you actually get out of it. I’ve reviewed plenty of 6000mAh and above battery packs that honestly either felt like a brick in my pocket, or simply were too long to actually fit in my jeans. Luckily for me, the Proper Power’s 9000mAh battery is enough to not only get me through the day, but the night as well if I choose.

The Proper Power is The Last Battery Pack You'll Have to Buy

Made of anodized aluminum the Proper Power’s main feature here it’s its overall slim design. At only 11.5mm thin, the Proper Power easily can fit in my back pocket with my keys easily and there’s no scare of it bending because it’s too long. Nor will it bulge in my front pocket either sitting beside my Wocket Wallet. It’s all about minimalism with me these days, but the key attribute I look for in my external battery packs is the ability to charge my devices more than once, all the while being pretty slim. Judie had a battery pack a few weeks ago that she used at CES which made me a bit jealous because the one I used at the time, although it got the job done, was overall pretty bulky, even with it clipped to my CES badge. And even then, the 6000mAh itself only charged up my iPhone 6 Plus once or twice.The Proper Power is The Last Battery Pack You'll Have to Buy

With the Proper Plus, my iPhone 6 Plus’ 2915mAh battery easily gets three charges out of the battery pack. The only caveat to the Proper Plus is that it only has a single USB port which could be a bad thing for those of you who have two devices on you at all times. I’ve given up on the fact that most companies won’t be able to integrate an Apple Watch charger to these external ports (although I hear there are some in the works), but the Proper can easily charge your smartwatch, as long as you have the cable that comes with it. The 2.1Amp output will not only charge your device faster than those standard battery packs you’ll pick up at a Best Buy, but it actually turns itself off once it’s gotten to a full charge which to me is ideal.

The Proper Power is The Last Battery Pack You'll Have to Buy

The only BIG turnoff for me, which happens to a lot of Aluminum products, is they do NOT play well with keys, or pretty much anything you throw in your backpack. After just a few days in my bag, this is what my Proper Power ended up looking like (it’s not pretty):

The Proper Power is The Last Battery Pack You'll Have to Buy

But the actual Proper Power itself still works like it should, despite the less than stellar aesthetics of the outside. Now I’m sure I could cover it, but the scratches give it a bit of character, and plus, it’s a battery pack, life goes on.

Overall the Proper Power has been my go-to battery pack as of late, from going to sporting events and just needing that extra charge. The only thing I would say would be great, other than another USB port, would possibly to just do without the port entirely, and opt for the integrated cables, so people like me who use the standard three foot cord won’t have our cables just sitting out loosely on countertops and bars. Sure, there are short versions of USB and Lightning cables on the market, but they are cheap, and many die out in weeks. I trust Proper enough to possibly do this in the future, especially because they’ve lived up to their reputation as a great company with even greater products.

For more information about the Proper Power, or any other Proper items, head over to today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Overall slim design, with an ever larger battery capacity.

What Needs Improvement: Integrated cables; Multiple ports

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