Tiltcard Fits in Your Wallet but Holds Up Your Phone

It’s easy to find a tablet case with a built in stand, but most phone cases with kickstands tend to be pretty bulky. Tiltcard offers a better solution than choosing between a bulky case and propping your phone up against an assortment of objects by offering a collapsible stand that fits in your wallet.

Tiltcard Fits in Your Wallet but Holds Up Your Phone

Tiltcard started out crowdfunded,and they’re currently back on Kickstarter to raise more money for a second round of inventory. The value proposition in the Tiltcard is simple: for only $8.00, it’s a steel stand that fits in your wallet, making it incredibly lightweight and portable. I tested it with an iPad Mini, an iPad Air, an Honor 5X, and a Nexus 6. The Air could only sit at a very specific angle without falling over, but Tiltcard suggests two stand if you are holding up an Air or similar sized tablet. The Mini and both phones worked great with the Tiltcard.Tiltcard Fits in Your Wallet but Holds Up Your Phone

Build quality is generally good. It is solid metal, there’s nothing flimsy about it. The hinge mechanism works well, and locks the stand into whatever angle you need without any danger of it flopping over. My one quibble with the design is that it sometimes took a hard push to get it to collapse completely, and I was a bit worried about breaking it. Once I realized how tough it was, I wasn’t as concerned if I needed to use force to get it flat. It is the size of a credit card, and I found it even fit in my super minimal metal wallet, though it was thick enough that I couldn’t fit it with other cards. However, the fact that it fit at all was a pleasant surprise and shows how small the collapsed dimensions truly are.



There’s one glaring issue that stands out with the Tiltcard, and that’s the plastic sticky material it uses to hold the phone or tablet in place. There are two long sticky sections on one side. They’re fine, they do the job, but they do get a bit dusty in a bag or pocket; I would rather see Tiltcard cost $10 with a rubberized grip instead of the cheap sticky plastic.


I see Tiltcard as similar to an external battery or an extra charge cable. It’s worth keeping one in your bag or wallet, because it takes up almost no space, is very affordable, and you never know when you might need a quick stand to prop up your phone!

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Liked: Very compact footprint; holds a variety of phone sizes and angles; sturdy material; very affordable.

What Needs Improvement: Could use a better quality material to provide friction and hold up the phone.


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