Finex’s Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful


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We’ve all gone through kitchenware pans and a skillet or two in our lifetimes, and to be honest, there aren’t a lot of good quality pans out there that won’t cost you a pretty penny for actual quality. More recently I had my cheap Black Friday skillet legitimately die on me (It was cheap) and I was pretty excited when Finex sent me their Finex Cast Iron Skillet to review.

Finex's Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful

If you’re not familiar with Finex, what you should know is they are a company based in the United States that got their beginning courtesy of Kickstart, and ever since they’ve been fairly successful making products that not only are beautiful, but make your kitchen look like you actually know what you’re doing in it. Because you shouldn’t suffer with those $20 set pans from Black Friday anymore. They are trash. Just look:

Finex's Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful

When you first look at the Finex Skillet, the first thing that you notice is that it’s odd shape looks like a UFC Octagon for your eggs. I was taken aback when I first saw it because I had never seen anything like it. But the reason for the octagon shape is explained by Finex as giving you a multi-pour so no matter of what angle you pour your food out of, there will not be any splatter, which is honestly a great idea.Finex's Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful

I have an electric grill, which already takes a little bit longer than a standard gas grill to heat up, so I wondered how the actual Finex would stand up to that. But luckily it handles very well to this day. Engraved into the bottom of the skillet itself is the company’s branding, including the great city and state of Portland Oregon, just so you know exactly where it came from.

Finex's Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful

The old pan versus the new one!

Each pan itself has already been oiled and tested three times over by the company but they still admit that you should obviously grease it yourself prior, like you should with all skillets of this make. They also suggest that you hand wash the skillet AFTER letting it cool down with a sponge, and avoid putting it in the dishwasher, because the hard cycle wash will actually end up ruining the integrity of the pan itself.Finex's Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful

The first thing that I ended up making with the Finex Skillet were home fries and peppers, which honestly went pretty well for a first go. I typically grill all of my food these days (chicken/steak/fish) if not in the oven, so that leaves my breakfast foods being the bulk of the things I end up cooking with. As far as seasoning, I tend to use a lot of garlic pepper, Mrs. Dash, and a bit of Paprika, especially for my eggs in the morning. After taking out the home fries once they cooked fully I did notice there were a few pieces of the onion and peppers still stuck to the bottom of the pan which in all honesty didn’t come off the first time after cleaning off with the sponges soft end, so I ended up having to scrub a bit harder in order to get it completely off, before finally hand washing the pan.

Finex's Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful

When I made scrambled eggs, the same scenario happened with the eggs sticking to the edge of the Finex, but that’s to be expected with all liquid things you put into a pan with edges. One good thing though is that you won’t have to worry like with most round pans about your eggs not all cooking evenly, as my scrambled eggs came out perfectly. After I finished, I simply washed, rinsed, and set it out to air dry.Finex's Revolutionary Cast Iron Skillet Makes Your Stovetop More Useful

Overall I love my Finex, and although pricey at $185, you have to believe that the pan itself will last you years, especially if you stick to the cleaning regimen, and make sure you don’t ruin the smooth bottom of the Finex with things like metal tongs. If you’re making things like eggs, obviously a spatula will do, and for other items, you can easily attempt to pick up foods, and or mix them using something that won’t completely damage or scratch the interior surface. I haven’t quite started cooking my ground turkey meat, or my grilled cheese sandwiches on this yet, but I will!

If you’d like more information about the Finex Skillet or any of their other products, hit the link!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Octagon-like shape makes it easy to make your meals versus the traditional oval shape.

What Needs Improvement: Sometimes even the quick-cooling stainless steel spring handle gets hot as well.

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