Logitech Announces a Product with HomeKit Compatibility!

Logitech announced their POP Smart Button today, which is the next generation of smart home products that the company added to it’s expanding fleet, will now work with Apple’s HomeKit.

Logitech Announces a Product with HomeKit Compatibility!

We all know that Apple’s HomeKit is a great way to seamlessly connect your favorite products such as thermostats, lightning and more to your home, with products such as the Ecobee and Phillips Hue, so it’s no surprise that Logitech has decided to allow their customers to control their already existing devices with the new versions of their POP Smart Button, a product that with just a press of a button can turn off the lights, lock your door, turn up the heat, or even turn the channel if you want.

“Today’s smart home is about bridging simplicity with a more shared experience,” said Renee Niemi, vice president and general manager of Logitech Smart Home. “We are passionate about enabling customers to get the most versatility and entertainment within their connected homes. Adding Apple HomeKit to POP allows us to provide even more ways to simplify access to your HomeKit-enabled home for the entire family to enjoy.”

With the Logitech Pop Smart Button Kit, you’ll get one smart button that can control up to three gestures and a POP Bridge that will connect the button to your Wi-Fi source. Additionally you can purchase more Pop Buttons that will allow you to extend the commands from one central location to additional rooms in your home. They also go with any décor, as they are available in white, alloy, coral and team.

Logitech Announces a Product with HomeKit Compatibility!

The highlight however is it’s HomeKit compatibility. Where before you could only do a certain number of commands with the POP button, now you can do things like control your Sonos wireless systems, configure your Logitech Harmony remote control without having to ever grab it, or even set the temperature from across the room without having to get off of the couch. I can’t wait to see how it will integrate with other HomeKit products like the Elgato Eve, the August Smartlock, and most importantly my Phillips Hue lights since this is as close to a “Clap On” light as I’ll get (and twice as cooler!).

Starting at $59.95 for the Logitech POP Smart Button, you can purchase additional POP Add-On Smart Button’s for $39.99 in Apple Stores or directly from Apple.com. For more information about the Pop Smart Button by Logitech, head directly to their site today.

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