Watch the EcoFlow Live Stream for Their Newest Smart Devices, the Blade, Glacier, and Wave 2

During CES, Judie was able to visit with EcoFlow to see some early versions of their new battery-powered smart devices. The EcoFlow Blade is a lawn sweeping mower, the EcoFlow Glacier is a portable refrigerator with an ice maker, and the EcoFlow Wave 2 is the next version of their popular portable AC and heater. These latest products are finally ready for sale, and they’ll be revealed in-depth during the EcoFlow live stream on April 26th.

The Blade and Glacier will be available beginning April 26th after the EcoFlow live stream launch event at 11 a.m. PDT, and the Wave 2 will be available starting May 15th; all will be available on EcoFlow’s website, Costco, REI, and HSN.

These exciting products obtained 15 patents and were CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honorees; they show that EcoFlow is poised to keep expanding its product lineup beyond just their portable power banks and solar charging solutions.

EcoFlow Live Stream

The EcoFlow Blade is the world’s first robotic lawn-sweeping mower. The mower offers automatic leaf collection, virtual boundary navigation, and precise lawn mowing.

Photo of the EcoFlow blade on a blue rug at CES

The EcoFlow Blade

The EcoFlow Glacier is the next generation of portable refrigerators, including a plug-in battery and ice maker. The 297Wh battery should provide 24 hours of run-time and can be charged via solar panels.

Photo of an open EcoFlow Glacier showing the two cooling areas inside.

The EcoFlow Glacier

Wave 2 is EcoFlow’s second version of the portable air conditioning solution; we reviewed the original Wave, and you can check that out here.

Photo of the EcoFlow Wave 2 sitting on a table with a product card next to it; photo was taken at CES 2023

The EcoFlow Wave 2

Make sure you join in on the EcoFlow live stream at 11:00 a.m. PDT on April 26th!

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