Smanos Brings Home Security to Your Wrist with the Apple Watch App

If you’re read our review of our Smanos W020i Wifi Alarm System, you know that Smanos is a one of my favorite brands when it comes to home security. The popular DIY security company actually announced today that their L020, W100, and W020 mobile apps are now compatible with the Apple Watch.


This is great news for those of you who are not always in the position to have your phone in your hand at a moments notice. Now you can arm and disarm your home system as well as receive alerts if someone has entered or exited your home just by simply using your Apple Watch.

“We are consistently looking for ways to make home security more convenient and cater to consumers ever-evolving mobile lifestyles,” said Brian Stark, general manager of North America for Smanos. “The immediacy and convenience Apple Watch apps provide to consumers can’t be overlooked when it comes to home security. With the new app, Smanos users can stay even more connected to what’s going on at their homes and view alerts with just a flick of their wrist.”

One upside Smanos has over the competition is that now Smanos’ products require no monthly fees, as well as contracts making them super affordable for renters and homeowners. The L020 retails for $129, the W020 retails for $149, and the W100 retails for $199. Available at places like Walmart, BestBuy and, you can also purchase online at Smanos.

For more information about the Smanos Apple Watch app, you can head over to the Apple Store today.

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